Ted Bauman Takes A Great Deal Of Pride In Seeing His Readers Question The Financial Establishment:

Ted Bauman of Banyan Hill Publishing is a resident of Atlanta, Georgia and one of the most respected minds in the financial industry today. He has been with Banyan Hill since 2013 and currently serves in the role of editor for publications such as Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club. He is particularly well-known for his expertise in investment strategies with low risk. One of the things that Ted Bauman is most passionate about in life is helping regular investors achieve the success that will allow them financial sovereignty.

Originally from Washington D.C. Ted Bauman spent his childhood on the east coast of Maryland before emigrating to South Africa when he became an adult. In South Africa, Ted Bauman studied at the University of Cape Town and earned history and economics degrees from the highly regarded school. After college, he spent the next twenty-five years working in South Africa in various executive roles that included working for cost-efficient housing as a fund manager.

Low-risk strategies for investment are a major part of the work that Ted Bauman does. He takes a great deal of pride in counselling his clients in regard to their assets and stresses to them that the must make sure that said assets can survive if a disaster were to strike. Protection of wealth is a major priority on Ted Bauman’s list. Ted’s advice on securing liquid assets include having a safe at home, a safe deposit box at your local bank as well as in a foreign bank. He also recommends having an independent vault in the United States and in a foreign country. Ted is also very excited about the trend he has noticed recently of his readers starting to really question the economy of not only the United States but the world as a whole. Part of this questioning is in regard to whether or not it is a good financial strategy to continue to prioritize large company’s over the rest of the world of finance. These kinds of topics and many more are regularly addressed by Ted in his numerous financial publications.

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