Sheldon Lavin; What Exactly Goes Into Building A Multinational In The Food Industry?

Being one of the most recognized meat-processing brands, OSI Industries has steadily grown to become one of the most reputable brands. The company has a rich product line that ranges from cooked meat and pork to vegetables. The company had run its operations from the year 1909 when it started as a small food processing company called Otto & Sons. The company has experienced steady growth that has enabled it to set shop in over 17 countries across the globe. The firm has been acknowledged for its outstanding services in the food industry and is currently ranked number 58 on the Forbes’ list of top 100 privately-held companies in the US.

Much of the growth experienced at OSI Industries can be attributed to quality products and stellar management practices from the company’s top management. The story of the success of the OSI Group, cannot be complete without the name of the founder, CEO Sheldon Lavin being mentioned. Sheldon is a man whose braced through the rough terrain of entrepreneurship to become one of the most distinguished businessmen in the corporate world. For his outstanding performance in the corporate world, Sheldon Lavin has been a recipient of several awards. His efforts that have led to the growth of his enterprise were recognized by the Vision World Academy, and he was honored with the Global Visionary Award.

From the humble beginnings, when OSI Industries used to be a local business supplying McDonald’s in Illinois, to the present day multinational that OSI is, hard work and strong stewardship from Sheldon Lavin have always been a constant. The brand now spots a presence in 16 countries and supplies food products to 85 other countries. Its network of 60 factories has enabled the company to provide millions of customers with quality food products and at pocket-friendly prices.

Other than being the man at the helm of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin is also an active member of the Rush University Medical Center. He has a working history with the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation.

Sheldon Lavin is optimistic that the growth of OSI will remain on an upward curve and he believes that his employees are part of his extended family. Currently, OSI Group is home to over 20,000 staff.

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  1. Ariel Trey

    I was once told during one of the series of seminars I attended sometimes ago that what determines the success of any enterprise is first the product and secondly the management team. In the review we can see that it is what has really determined how fast the OSI group is growing and that is because they have a quality product that is in demand and that is also sellable together with a well trained staff system and all this factors contributes to why they are doing so well today.

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