Securus Technologies Puts in a Challenge to Expose GTL False Claims

The world is in for one of the biggest challenge within an industry. It is a necessary one because the truth must be told, and lies sent into the dust-bin. The challenge is coming from Securus Technologies to GTL who tried to play smart by saying its technology and customer service are at par with that of Securus Technologies. An independent judge will preside over the challenge to avoid any act of partiality. It will then be the responsibility of the impartial judge to decide after close examination of the assets of both, who possesses the largest and best product set, the most expense and capital efficient platform, the most sophisticated telephone calling platform and the best customer service.


No serious organization will tolerate such blatant lie having invested millions of dollars more than its competitors upgrading facilities to meet the yearnings of clients and customers.


It will be in the best interest of GTL not to pick the challenge as it will further dent its already soiled image. GTL will definitely lose some of its honest customers like me who will not want to associate with a lying firm that display high level untruthfulness. There is nothing bad aspiring to be where your superior is or surpass them, but lying to be what you are not amounts to deceiving your customers and denying you superior the needed returns to compensate for their huge investment . Also, it is tantamount to reaping where you did not sow. GTL owes Securus Technologies a public apology for its callous misbehavior even if it declines the challenge.




With headquarters in the heart of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serves several thousands of agencies that enforce law and ensure public safety as well as millions of inmates all over North America. It provides emergency response, public information, incident management, investigation, communication, bio-metric analysis as well as products and service monitoring all in a bid to make the world a safe place to live. Connecting what matters remains its watchword. You can know more about its civil and criminal justice technology solutions by visiting

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