Rick Shinto’s Successful Leadership at InnovaCare Health

The core value at InnovaCare Health is to provide medical care of high quality. The company also has qualified personnel who propel its stability and growth. InnovaCare Health also prides itself in team work which enhances good business relationships and effective communication.


InnovaCare Health Team


Penelope Kokkinides is the he Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Penelope’s years of experience in the development of clinical programs has enabled her to manage the operations of InnovaCare Health. Penelope was among the three professionals that were added to InnovaCare’s team and has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. Check out monster.com



InnovaCare Health Affiliates


In Puerto Rico, there are two affiliates of InnovaCare Health,namely: PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Inc. MMM and PMC offer health care programs of high quality with a ninety percent rate of customer satisfaction. In 2011, both programs received accreditation of NCOA which is only received by companies if they meet the quality assurance expectation. Also, other key determines are quality improvement and customer protection


Rick Shinto’s Career Background


Rick Shinto has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare since 2012. Rick kicked off his career in Southern California as a pulmonologist. Previously, he was working at Aveta Inc. and he received an the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award of the Year. This award is only given to entrepreneurs with committed excellence to innovative ideas. He was also the Vice President at Medical Management, the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and Cal Optima Health Plan. Rick worked at NAMM California for a years before stepping foot into InnovaCare Health.


Rick has an impressive resume which includes article writings of health care problems and clinical medicine. From the University of California, Rick holds a B.S and undertook a medical degree at the University of New York.Rick further on enhanced his studies at the University of Redlands and received his M.B.A. Check out danielestraus.org



Rick Shinto’s Guide to InnovaCare Success


Rick Shinto is the main reason for the company’s success today. Rick is hopeful that InnovaCare. Rick has led his InnovaCare team to attract the average people by ensuring that visiting the Doctor is more affordable. The residents of Puerto Rico can assess good quality of health care at cheaper options. InnovaCare is the preferred choice of medical care with over seventy percent of residents advocating for it.


Rick Shinto is a dedicated career man who aims at ensuring that InnovaCare Health continues to prosper by providing exceptional medical care.



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