OSI Industries & Its Global Network of Processing Plants

When it comes to food services, processing plants play a key role in a company’s success. OSI Industries is no exception to the rule as this food provider has more than 60 top-of-the-line plants. OSI Industries represent 100 years of food service excellence and at its current rate, the company could be around for another 100 years. Thanks to its more than 60 plants, the company can get the products to the actual client in the shortest amount of time. Its food supply chain is also unmatched by other industry providers. OSI Industries has skyrocketed straight to the top of the ranks. It is now a top 100 company as it brings in billions of dollars on annual basis.

Why is the company unmatched? Well, the answer to this basic question is rather easy because OSI covers a wider array of services. Unlike other food providers that specialize in one or two services, OSI covers everything under the sun, including:

• Management

• Processing

• Sourcing

• Development

• Distribution

The company actually consists of test kitchens,pilot plants and culinary-innovationcenters. One of OSI’s best attributes is that it specializes in the production of custom foods. The R&D specialists here will work directly with the client to produce the best possible product. Image is everything and if a food product doesn’t look appetizing, then no one will buy it. This is the type of work that all clients will receive and there is a host of satisfied clients that will backup all claims.

OSI Industries has set the benchmark very high, it has broken the mold, and it has effectively changed the status quo for the better.

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