Music and Drumming: The Less Known Side of Cassio Audi

Today, Cassio Audi is popularly known for his impeccable career in the financial sector. For over twenty-five years, Cassio has been a key player in the financial industry in Brazil, particularly because of his executive roles in some of the most reputable organizations. In the 90s, he worked at Gillette as a financial director and Dow Chemical as a senior financial analyst. He later worked as a CFO at three different companies- at the Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc., GVMI, and at Rossi Residential. What most individuals might not know is that just like the success he has had in the financial sector, Cassio Audi was equally successful in the music industry.

Cassio’s Music Career

Cassio’s prime time in the music industry was before he became a BA student at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo. From early-80 coming all the way to the early 90s, Cassio was a renowned drummer in Sao Paulo and Brazil at large. He was once one of the band members in Viper, a top metal band in the country then. During this time, he composed a couple of songs for the band and served as the lead drummer during the band’s live performances.

Having joined Viper as a teenager in 1980, Cassio was instrumental in ensuring that the band gained ground across Latin America. The band consisted of some of the best talents of the time, something that enabled Cassio to grow professionally. Cassio and his colleagues benchmarked on British heavy metal bands and were able to develop quicker and gain popularity quickly. The band recorded The Killera Sword album in 1985, the album that popularized it across Brazil.

Soldier of Sunrise

It was in 1988 that Viper got its breakthrough after releasing the Soldiers of Sunrise album. All songs in the album were accepted across the globe, with critics acknowledging the cultivating message in them. Cassio had composed one of the songs on the album. A year later, he quit the band to join the University.

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