Jim Tananbaum:Visionary Investor And Entrepreneur

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of the private equity firm Foresite Capital. Founded in 2011, the company focuses on providing capital to emerging healthcare leaders with effective, innovative, products, read more about the company on insidermonkey.com. Their goal is to help the companies to grow in profitability and be better able to provide quality care for the patients that depend on them to improve their health. The work of Jim Tananbaum and Foresite Capital has improved the quality of life for countless people and helped to create the future of healthcare, reveals pelotontherapeutics.com.

Before founding Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum co-founded two top biopharmaceutical companies, GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, Inc. He also co-founded two healthcare investment practices, Prospect Venture Partners II and III and Sierra Ventures. When Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital, his goal was to combine all his 25 years of experience to build a novel investment platform. So far the company has invested in over 77 different healthcare companies by engaging with the smartest, most effective and persistent healthcare thought leaders. He’s excited about the future of deep learning and data science.

Jim Tananbaum is a Yale graduate who has a degree in math and electrical engineering/computer science. He also has an M.S. from MIT and he graduated from Harvard with an M.D. and an M.B.A. An entrepreneur and investment strategist, he’s long been passionate about combining computer science, interdisciplinary hard sciences and healthcare and working with leading entrepreneurs and academicians. To Tananbaum the goal of his company is to harness healthcare’s future by providing capital to entrepreneurs with innovative healthcare solutions and products to help them succeed.

According to BusinessWire, Mr.Tananbaum spends his workday in meeting with staff and healthcare thought leaders. But spending time with his family is his highest priority and favorite activity. He also finds an hour each day to exercise. His love of learning, critical thinking, vision, persistence and commitment enable him to build his firm and expand its portfolio. The only thing Tananbaum wishes he’d done differently is believe in himself more and take more chances when it comes to business. He feels the best investors and entrepreneurs are diligent and optimistic.

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