The Chainsmokers: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

When the Chainsmokers formed in 2012 they barely knew each other. Introduced by mutual friend Adam Alpert, who also manages the duo, Alex Pall needed a second DJ for his duo. Andrew Taggart knew Alpert as well and Alpert thought they’d made a good fit, so he introduced them. The chemistry was instant and the Chainsmokers was formed. Taggart moved from Maine to New York City, both quit their day jobs and they began DJing together every day for up to 10+ hours a day.


In 2014 they got their first live gig and the next year they released their debut EP, “Bouque.” In the years since then they have released a couple more EPs (“Collage” and “Sick Boy”) and a full-length album (“Memories…Do Not Open”) in addition to numerous singles.


The duo have a philosophy when it comes to how they release music: Release it in the format they think it will be best in. What this means is that they look at their music and determine where it fits best. They like their albums and EPs to have a consistency to them, whereas the singles can be released to stand on their own as they tend to be more unique in their sound.


This allows them to experiment more with music. Pall and Taggart are both fans of much more than dance music and they like to integrate these interests into their music by splicing elements of other genres into their songs. They also like to collaborate with other DJs such as DJ Tiesto and Halsey, in addition to many others. Taggart himself has done some vocals for a couple of songs. These singles have dealt with experiences and feelings from real life the duo wanted to write about, moving the songs past being dance tunes.


The Chainsmokers take a similar view for their live shows. After a poorly reviewed live show on MTV in 2016 the duo has stepped its live game up. They now put a lot more heart and work into each individual show, trying to give their fans a unique performance instead of just a rote DJ set.

Kim Dao Describes The Top Attractions And Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

The first attraction on Kim Dao’s list of thing to see and do in Osaka, Japan is a large shopping complex called Shinsaibashi. Kim Dao describes this as the main shopping center in Osaka and the place where you can buy almost anything you need or want from Japan. There are hundreds of stores that line the Shinsaibashi and expect to encounter plenty of crowds here.


Number two on Kim Dao’s list of things to see in Osaka, Japan is America Mura which translates to American Village in English. This shopping district in Osaka is known for its shops that sell American and vintage goods. If you are looking for some American or rare vintage items, then this is the place to go.


Kim Dao suggests visiting a bakery called Pablo. Having nothing to do with Pablo Piccasso, the bakery is very famous for its delicious cheesecakes. The bakery may also have seasonal specialty cakes that are also worth trying says Kim Dao. Learn more:


Another popular place with both tourists and locals is a place called Dotonbori. This is one of the most popular tourist places in Osaka says Kim Dao. The area is famous for the large amount of street food vendors. Explore the area and grab a bite from a vendor for an authentic Japanese experience. Learn more:


An icon of the city of Osaka is Glico. This is a sign of a Japanese man running on a track with the rising sun emblem in the background. People love to snap photos with themselves on the background of this sign.