The Mission of Dick DeVos

When reading and learning more about Dick DeVos and his numerous work history years and his numerous accomplishments during his career as a businessman, it was hard not to respect this individual due to the efforts that he has put into his family company in addition to the efforts that he has put into building communities and improving the lives of individuals across the United States. Dick DeVos has many titles as well as accomplishments and is known to be a father, a philanthropist, and innovator, a businessman, as well as a family man who looks to use the success of his company to grow the family name of DeVos to be a respected name that will live on. Dick DeVos is the proud son of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway Corporation. Richard DeVos laid the foundation for the success of Amway Corporation and Dick DeVos has been able to carry on the legacy and make his father proud ever since.


Dick DeVos has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do ever since he was a young boy and he spent time with his father in his office. As a boy growing up, Dick DeVos was able to watch the company grow from a company that was based in his family hope to a company that became one of the richest and influential companies in the world.


Dick DeVos did not become an official member of the Amway Corporation family until after he had graduated from college with a degree in economics. Richard DeVos wanted Dick DeVos to join only after he had proved himself as an individual who would work hard to get things accomplished. After having officially joined the company of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos was able to climb the ladder to success quickly and even became one of the company’s vice presidents just 10 years after joining the company. During his time as a vice president of the company, Dick DeVos was put in charge of international sales and grew the number of sales greatly.


In addition to his excellence within the world of business, Dick DeVos has also become a well known and respected philanthropist who has worked hard to improve the lives of individuals across the United States by growing the local economies. Dick DeVos has been using education initiatives to grow human capital as a way to encourage economic growth. With this in mind, Dick DeVos has donated numerous scholarships and has even funded the building of schools in Michigan.