Todd Lubar Demonstrates–Rightly–That When A Businessperson Follows His Instincts–Great Events Occur:

Todd Lubar( is one enterprising businessman that refuses to “fail forward.” His profile demonstrates that his enjoyment, in providing his clientele with great lending options, in the improvement of their respective lifestyles, makes every business transaction, with Lubar a “win-win.”

Todd received a great education. During his younger years, he attended two of the country’s most highly-regarded private schools: those being, the Sidwell School in Washington D.C. and the Peddie School in idyllic, lovely Hightstown, New Jersey. Hightstown is the ideal American diverse setting and a commuter town.

He then earned a B.A. in Communications, at Syracuse University, which he put to very good use, in way of his establishing a host of relationships, with persons in the real estate and banking industries–while at Crestar Mortgage Corporation.

Crestar Mortgage was basically a launching pad, for Todd Lubar‘s career, as a lending officer. He easily mastered the ins and outs of traditional lending. His sales were most impressive.

He continued his successful progression by way of working for other lending organizations. At each of the lending organizations, where Lubar worked, he produced, much, in the way of sales volume. It did not matter, either, if Lubar involved himself with clients that required special lending accommodation, due to less than favorable credit, or possessed a “handsome” credit profile: Lubar was able to work with either-style of Mortgage borrower.

At one point, during his long and enduring real estate career: Lubar worked, through a company, he established, rehabbing properties and selling the properties for a profit. He rehabbed multiple unit properties as well as single family dwellings. He worked, in the way of Purchase Money origination, when the lending industry was going through a period of economic downturn. He, as well, involved himself in the operation of a scrap recycling business and demolition service.

Now: Todd is working as the President of TDL Ventures. Todd has a true heart for people. He states, in so many words, that he wishes to improve upon himself, each and every day. He wishes to do so: in order to improve upon the life of each and every person, he encounters, on a day-to-day basis.

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