The Many Accomplishments of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the mastermind behind Brazil’s legendary Manaia shopping mall. Manaira is a shopping paradise and is one of the most renowned places to go for food, fun and purchasing boundless retail. As impressive as the massive entertaining shopping hub is, Santiago has a lifetime of many other great accomplishments. As a serial entrepreneur he has successfully hosted a career as a film director, playwright, autor, bloggist and businessman. He has been positively impacting Brazil and the city of Joao Pessoa where Manaia shopping mall is for over 37 years.

On November 29th, 1989 Santiago opened the Manaia shopping mall to the public. It took over two years of construction to complete. The first expansión occured in 1993 and four years later the second augmentation was implemented. The third expansión was in 2003 and the fourth in 2007. The mall continued growing and adding special features from that point on and became increasingly popular with residents and tourists alike. Inside the establishment you will find bowling allies, 3D theatres, amusement parks, tremendous game playing áreas, banks, a gym, countless food court options and even a university. You could spend days in the mall and not do the same thing twice. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Roberto has a business degree from the University of Joao Pessoa and also was a scholar at literary creation and imagary at Complutense University and the School of Letters of Madrd. He went on to screenwrite many films but most notably his film, The Longest Penalty in the World was nominated best adapted screenplay in 2006. He has authored many best selling books including children’s books. It seems everything Santiego sets his mind to prosperes, which is why he is widely regarded in the arts and business industry. Roberto is also very active in government servitude for the municipality of Sao Paulo. He previously held the past position of assistant president of the general committee of Brazilian employees. Currently he serves as a council member to the civil board of labor administration and duties. He spearheaded the redrafting of legal policies in regard to mínimum wage for Brazilian employees and this has made him highly recognized for his philanthropic Works.

Roberto Santiago is a generous humanitarian who helped many causes and ventures, including mentoring youth entreprenuers. With his guidance he has facilitated many people’s ideas and inventions into reality. He has won awards for his assistance and contributions in the superior labor courts. His other recognized awards consist of the Commemorative Award from the Consolidation of Labor Laws, the Cebrasse Sector service prize and for seven consecutive years one of the most influential Brazilian politicians from the Department of Parliamentary Counsel. Among the business community he is thought of as Golden. He has excelled even in the sports arena. Having an avid love for motor cross, he has won various trophies. With all of his many successes, Roberto has magnanimously invested back into his community and is a well respected man. Read more articles on

Boraie’s Development Real Estate Insight Continues To Enhance New Brunswick

More than four decades after Omar Boraie, an immigrant from Egypt became captivated with the New Brunswick, New Jersey real estate market he continues to watch his dream succeed.

He came to the United States to attain his Ph.D. in Chemistry but began his venture to purchase plots and abandoned buildings in the city after becoming aware of Johnson & Johnson’s pledge to keep its headquarters in New Brunswick in 1975.

He initially opened Albany Street Plaza Tower One, an 8-story low rise building, which was completed in 1988 and provided first class offices. He followed this up with another 8-story low rise building, Albany Street Plaza Tower Two, which was completed in 2004.

Both towers, which include 250,000 square feet office space and 20,000 square feet retail space, are located close to the New Brunswick train station.

The New Jersey urban developer acknowledged the two tower buildings were a bit of a risk.

Even so, Boraie continued his real estate insight and quickly began work on a 25 story luxury condominium building at One Spring Street, which was completed in 2007.

One Spring Street provides accommodations for 120 one, two and three bedroom apartments which all take in floor-to-ceiling windows and full balconies.

The majority of the apartments are two bedroom units in the price range of $400,000 to mid-$500,000 while prices for the one bedroom units begin at $350,000.

Amenities include a fitness center, a glass-enclosed pool and parking spaces.

In 2015 Boraie Development revealed a 17-story, 370,000 square foot building known as The Aspire. The new luxury rental tower makes available one and two bedroom apartments in a full-service building with amenities that take in gourmet kitchens, oversized closets and 9 to 10 foot ceilings.

Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development which deals with property management, real estate development as well as sales and marketing. In addition, the company offers leasing, maintenance and accounting services.

His son, Wasseem Boraie, works with his father as the vice president of the company.

He recently was involved with refurbishing condominiums in an area around Richard Stockon College and achieved restoring students lodging for up to 400 students.

Boraie’s second son, Sam as well as his daughter, Hiam, also perform vital roles with Boraie Development.

The company, which has evolved a great deal over the past few decades, has advanced real estate developments in Newark and Atlantic City. It reportedly has annual revenues between $10 and $20 million.

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