Jeremy Goldstein Believes Knockout Options Will Benefit Employees And Corporations

When it comes to the corporate world, stock options have been a huge part of the incentive market and arguably a problematic part. When it comes to stocks, just like investing, it can be a gamble. Holding compensations in the form of stocks can be that employees lose large portions of their money if a companies stock value drops. What’s even worse is that in a good scenario where a company stock value increases, they are giving more and more money away to their employees. Most small companies are unable to cope with this kind of pricey incentive. Jeremy Goldstein is the leading compensation expert that has come in to provide solutions for this decade-old problem in the form of a Knockout option.


Jeremy Goldstein has written about the knockout option at various online sources where he discusses what these knockout options are and how they will be translated into more security and higher salaries. The knockout option for corporations is just like that of a stock option, but it protects the buyer, in this instance the company. Knockout options are good for employees because it protects their incentives. One of the biggest demanding factors for these knockout plans is that it would allow both small and large companies to offer their employees insurance and protection in their compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working in compensation law for decades and is a leading authority in the area. Over the years he has worked with thousands of clients through his firm, Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates, to help them in legal pursuits. Jeremy’s firm also offers advisement services to their clients to help in financial security and business management. Though there are many benefits to this proposed knockout option Jeremy discusses, he is also aware of the potential side effects that come with it. Should a CEO or executive of a company choose, they could manipulate their own market to gain money and undermind their employees. Though this is not something Jeremy Goldstein thinks will be cause for concern in practical terms as it would be devasting to a company if they were accused and caught. Learn more: