Betsy DeVos’s Commitment to Supporting Low-Income Families

Betsy DeVos is among the United States’ most prominent women. She is well recognized due to her outstanding contributions towards charity activities. The philanthropist established the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to help her in supporting communities across the United States. The organization was created in 1989, and its primary focus is on promoting education, art, leadership, and critical Christian missions. The DeVos family gave more than $139 million to charitable activities in 2015, and this made them be ranked among the United States’ top 30 generous individuals.


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have been working closely with the different organization that can transform the communities. The couple gave the Success Academy Charter Schools $150,000 in 2015. It also sponsored the Potter’s House School’s charity work by donating $200,000. The Potter’s House School is Christian institution that is committed to providing the best education to children who come from disadvantaged families. Most of the Dick and Betsy Foundation’s donations have been given to hospitals, Christian institutions, art centers, and hospitals. Examples of organizations that have benefited from the DeVos family’s contributions are the Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center and Baptists for Life.


Besides the charity work that Betsy does, she is the 11th U.S secretary of education. She was appointed by the Trump administration in February 2017 due to her outstanding contributions to the sector. Mrs. DeVos believes that all children across the country should have an opportunity to attend good schools. She worked as a volunteer at the Grand Rapids Public Schools for one and a half decades, and this allowed her to understand the difficulties that parents went through to ensure that their children had the best education. The experience motivated Betsy to launch campaigns to change the school system in over 25 states across the country.


Mrs. DeVos was part of the Windquest Group’s executive before she was hired by the government. The enterprise was established by her husband, Dick DeVos, who is its current CEO. Betsy also participated in the management of the Kendall College of Art and Design, Kids Hope USA, and the Mars Hill Bible Church. She schooled at the Calvin College and holds a degree in Arts from the institution.


Betsy has been making contributions to politics since she was in college. She joined the Michigan Republican Party as a member in 1982. In 1986, the party nominated her to be a delegate and held the position for several terms. Mrs. DeVos also acted as the Michigan Republican Party’s chairperson for four years. She has always been a staunch supporter of the Republican Party’s activities. The philanthropist has been in the frontline in raising funds to support the party’s candidates. Her family has also donated towards the party.


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