Meet Flavio Maluf – The President of Eucatex

Eucatex is a very prominent company for its innovativeness in using unique materials to manufacture their high-quality products. Eucalyptus, a unique type of wood is one of their primary source of materials. The company makes different types of paints. Their products are usually home products. However, they also make industrial products. Eucatex is over 50 years old. Apart from Brazil, they usually export their products to various countries in the United States. All of their products are environmentally friendly. The company is currently headed of Flavio Maluf. Flavio is a prominent businessman in Brazil. He hails from a political dynasty. His father, Paulo Maluf used to be a great politician and an incredible businessman in Brazil. Visit their website to learn more.

Flavio Maluf has significantly contributed towards the growth and development of the company. He has achieved all this while still ensuring that Eucatex is an eco-friendly company. It was rare for the companies to put the health of the environment into consideration in the times when the company was founded. It was launched in 1951, and there were few industrial environmental regulations. However, Eucatex was quite aware of the ability of industries to spoil and damage the environment. Besides, they actively implemented various steps to help reduce the rate of environmental damage. They ensured that all of their products uphold the environmental safety and prevent environmental damage at all cost. Eucatex was and is still fully capable of juggling to keep their products eco-friendly while still making high profits.

As the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has managed to be extremely skilled at operating the business. He has earned vast experience in the world of business right from his SlideShare Presentation. This has significantly contributed towards his success and uniqueness in running this company. Flavio also had an incredible education background that has also played a great deal in his successful business career. He pursued his education at FAAP which is one of the prestigious Universities in Sao Paulo. This distinct education gave him an avid advantage when he ventured into the business world. He has been an outstanding and highly successful president of Eucatex and Grandfood.

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GreenSky: Offering benefits of moodern banking

GreenSky is a fintech that offers technology that links borrowers to lenders. They do not offer any money themselves but just the technology needed to process this information. This fintech is now one of the best we have in the world. They are offering a business model that is unique and one that is highly successful. Some people have compared it to an offline version of the Lending Tree. Investors see it as the best big thing in this industry. The rate of growth is tremendous, and now that they are a publicly traded company, better results will be seen. In the past one year, there have successfully processed over $3.8 billion in loan volumes. The amount has been increasing every year. In 2017 alone, they recorded a 30 percent.

GreenSky works as a link between the borrower and the bank. The loans are however offered at the point-of-sale. The merchant offering services apply for the loan on behalf of the borrower. This service is mainly meant for the people who want to be offered certain services but have no money to pay in cash. The merchant will assist the consumer to apply for the loan through GreenSky. The loan application is sent to the fintech who link the borrower to one of the partnering banks for instant loan processing.

How does GreenSky make money?

The profits for this company come from fee-charged for transactions. Each transaction is charged 7.4 percent. The percent is deducted on the merchant’s income. The consumer only pays the amount awarded by the bank without interest rates. The loan is repaid in small installments.

GreenSky works with four regional banks- Synovus, Fifth Third, Sun Trust, and Regions Financial. These banks have offered about 89 percent of the transactions handled by this fintech. Many regional banks love the business of lending loans to consumers, but the business is highly difficult due to lack of clients. It can cost a just to get consumers willing to take up loans with them, which is in itself a great setback. Another setback comes with servicing loans. Most of the loans average about $7,000 and normally offer challenges to banks. GreenSky is offering solutions to both of them. They bring in the customer and service the loan on behalf of the bank.

Shervin Pishevar predicts Fed will renege on promises to wind down balance sheet

Shervin Pishevar has become known as one of the go-to sources for insightful economic analyses within the world of tech. And it is a reputation well deserved. Shervin Pishevar is the current CEO and founder and Investment company, one of the most important firms in the field of venture capital for the technology world. He has also been behind the founding of some of the most successful companies of the last ten years, acting as an entrepreneur in his own right. Some of the companies that Shervin Pishevar has built and then sold include Social Gaming Network, WebOS and Ionside. He has also provided the critical early financing for the creations of Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb.

Fed is addicted to QE

While Shervin Pishevar openly acknowledges that quantitative easing is one of the only tools in the Fed’s box that has reliably worked as advertised, he says that the overuse of quantitative easing is eventually likely to kick off severe inflation or even hyperinflation.

Shervin Pishevar warns that the Fed is beholden to the financial elite. That means that it will renege in a heartbeat on its promises to wind down its bloated balance sheet should a severe market correction manifest. This, says Pishevar, would be a huge mistake and would take the country and the dollar one step closer to financial Armageddon.

Pishevar says that the Fed absolutely must follow through on its promises to wind down its balance sheet. He says that we are currently in the midst of one of the longest economic expansions in history. If the Fed is unable to reload its most potent weapon in the best of economic times, Pishevar warns that there is no chance that it will be able to do so when the inevitable market correction and likely recession emerge in the near future.

Pishevar warns that if the Fed does not wind down its balance sheet now, while times are good, that it will inevitably turn to its favored tool once again when there is a major market correction. Only this time, the bond markets will be much more leery of purchasing artificially propped up government debt.

Bernardo Chua Exclusive interview With WDS

In a recent interview with World of Direct Selling (WDS), Bernardo Chua was able to take us through his life before founding ORGANO. According to the September 25 2017interview, Benardo put it clear that he has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Santo Tomas that is in the Philippines. As a kid, Chua was always dreaming of one day becoming a medical doctor where he would be able to help people live healthily and for a long time. He had plans for attending a medical school although he was not able to materialize that dream. After school, Chua went to work in their Family business where he was the purchasing manager of the garment manufacturing plant in Philippine. Everybody in his family was working in the business, and he also had to join them. Read more about Bernardo Chua

From the plant, he later had an opportunity to move out of the plant where an opportunity in a Travel Agency in the Philippines presented itself. He was hired, and during his time he was able to institute programs that helped the agency to grow and expand in the southeast of Asia. As the travel firm continued to grow, Benardo was approached by a direct selling company that was in the process of opening a regional office in the Philippines. With the help that he received from his dedicated team, Bernardo Chua was able to increase the market share of the company, and the firm grew its presence in Asia significantly. As the company expanded to North America, Benardo was picked to manage the business in Canada. It is there that he decided to open his own firm ORGANO.

Although he did not manage to get a medical degree, Bernardo Chua says that he has never stopped assisting people to live an improved life. Chua considers the founding and the growing of ORGANO as his most significant achievement in life.

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Impressionable Facts about Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the former president and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He started his career at the firm in 2008, and he has led it towards the notable successes it has achieved today. During his term in the firm, Louis saw United Technologies Corporation rise into one of the largest technology firms in the world. Despite the huge foreign competition, Chenevert has strived to bring success to the firm by collaborating with other firms as well as his employees and this has seen the firm thrive through the hard economic times.

Additionally, Louis has also acquired a great reputation over the recent years or his ability to employ the use of effective strategies in the operations of the United Technologies firm. He has also shown a great dedication towards solving the various challenges that firm faces through his ability to involve highly experienced personnel in his decision-making process. Louis has over the recent years also strived to bring innovation in the firm, and his major focus has always been the aspect of bringing change in the nature of the jet engines in the aerospace niche. His ability to work with the most experienced aerospace engineers has also contributed to the fame that the firm has acquired and as a result, it has been ranked among the best and most successful aerospace firms in the globe.

Besides, United Technologies has also strived to heed to the advocations of the public, and over the past years, the firm has addressed the matters of environmental compliance. Besides, Louis is also passionate about observing the welfare of his employees, and he pays close attention to the matters they bring up. The firm’s employees are also proud of the great leadership skills that the renowned entrepreneur has showcased since the establishment of the firm. The teamwork exercised by the firm employees has also contributed to the notable successes of the firm and Louis always encourages other investors to ensure that they offer a conducive working environment to their employees for the development of their ventures. Louis is an inspiration to many people, and a vast number of individuals strive to emulate his traits so as to achieve success in their ventures.