How Does Adam Milstein Balance Between Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy?

Born and raised in Israel at a time when the country was still fighting to maintain its borders, Adam Milstein appreciates the importance of hard work and young people’s struggles with identity. The experiences and closely following in his father’s footsteps would see him establish one of the biggest real estate ventures after moving into the United States. They have also taught him the need for giving back to the community and helping young people discover their identity and parent’s roots.

Venturing into real estate

Adam Milstein’s father was a real estate industry expert specializing in construction and development business. He, therefore, picked a skill or two and these proved vital when he moved into the USA in 1981. He would soon venture into commercial real estate as a sales agent before founding the Hager Pacific Properties where he currently serves as the managing partner. In the three decades that the firm has been in operation, it has developed close to 100 properties all across the country that it owns and manages and which are currently valued at over $2 Billion.

Philanthropy and activism

In 2000, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF), which supports non-governmental organizations of Israel and Jewish descent. The foundation invests heavily in different programs in the US and Israel. For instance, it has dedicated significant resources towards sponsoring education for Israeli-American students and professionals seeking to identify with their Jewish roots and reconnect with the state of Israel.

Through philanthropy, Adam Milstein is helping champion and tighten the US-Israel political economic and social ties by supporting activist groups that specialize in US-Israel ties. To this end, he co-founded the Israel-American Council (IAC) where he also serves as its chairman. The movement seeks to establish deeper connections between Israeli-Americans and the Jewish Community.

Why champion Jewish identity

Adam Milstein appreciates that less than 70 years ago, the world came together to ensure that the Jewish Community was consolidated and reunited with the creation of the nation of Israel. However, the Jewish identity that brought his people together is quickly eroding, especially among the children of the first- generation Israeli-Americans. Having witnessed his countrymen fight to for the sustainability of the culture and nation, Adam has taken up the mantle to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain.

GreenSky: Offering benefits of moodern banking

GreenSky is a fintech that offers technology that links borrowers to lenders. They do not offer any money themselves but just the technology needed to process this information. This fintech is now one of the best we have in the world. They are offering a business model that is unique and one that is highly successful. Some people have compared it to an offline version of the Lending Tree. Investors see it as the best big thing in this industry. The rate of growth is tremendous, and now that they are a publicly traded company, better results will be seen. In the past one year, there have successfully processed over $3.8 billion in loan volumes. The amount has been increasing every year. In 2017 alone, they recorded a 30 percent.

GreenSky works as a link between the borrower and the bank. The loans are however offered at the point-of-sale. The merchant offering services apply for the loan on behalf of the borrower. This service is mainly meant for the people who want to be offered certain services but have no money to pay in cash. The merchant will assist the consumer to apply for the loan through GreenSky. The loan application is sent to the fintech who link the borrower to one of the partnering banks for instant loan processing.

How does GreenSky make money?

The profits for this company come from fee-charged for transactions. Each transaction is charged 7.4 percent. The percent is deducted on the merchant’s income. The consumer only pays the amount awarded by the bank without interest rates. The loan is repaid in small installments.

GreenSky works with four regional banks- Synovus, Fifth Third, Sun Trust, and Regions Financial. These banks have offered about 89 percent of the transactions handled by this fintech. Many regional banks love the business of lending loans to consumers, but the business is highly difficult due to lack of clients. It can cost a just to get consumers willing to take up loans with them, which is in itself a great setback. Another setback comes with servicing loans. Most of the loans average about $7,000 and normally offer challenges to banks. GreenSky is offering solutions to both of them. They bring in the customer and service the loan on behalf of the bank.

OSI Food Solutions Has Purchased A Food Plant in Chicago

Becoming one of the biggest, most successful companies in the food industry could take a lot hard work. OSI Food Solutions has been striving to deliver food services that are high quality to their customers and they have been a company that has continued to grow and expand. OSI recently acquired a food plant that is located in Chicago, Illinois. That plant is located near another OSI food plant in Geneva, Illinois. Their new food plant is the latest in a group of OSI food plants located in California, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

The food plant that OSI Food Solutions recently purchased was a Tyson Foods plant before it closed. After the plant shut down, many of the former employees of that food plant were hired by OSI. OSI is an expanding company, and they are looking to hire people who are high-quality workers. They also want employees who are interested in the food industry. OSI strives to give their employees a work environment that is enjoyable and rewarding. More about of OSI Food Solution at Bloomberg

OSI Food Solutions is a company that does food processing and they have experience processing various types of foods. They have experience processing beef products such as beefsteak, beef burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf. They have experience processing pork products, as well. Their pork products include cooked sausage links, roasted pork, pulled pork, bacon bits, and bacon strips. The company also processes poultry products such as poultry strips, nuggets, patties, and turkey products. Pizza products are also processed by OSI. Pizza products such as pepperoni, breads, crusts, and dough are among the foods that are processed by OSI. In addition to those foods, OSI also processes fish, meat patties, hot dogs, chili, soups, cucumbers, corn, onions, and tomatoes.

The food industry is a competitive field and OSI Food Solutions has been having a lot of success in that industry. OSI is a food company that has continued to grow and they have continued to expand with their recent purchase of another food plant in Chicago. They continue to strive to be a company that delivers food-processing services that are high quality.



Stream Energy, serving the society through the Stream Cares Foundation

In the year 2005, when the Dallas area of Texas was going through a period of deregulation in their electricity market as well as the entire electricity market of the State of Texas, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji launched a company that offered energy services to clients across Texas. Stream is the name of the company which started out as a provider of energy but has since then grown to more than that. Three years from the time it was founded, the company expanded its reach to the State of Georgia, then to the North Eastern region two years later. From there, the company was able to expand to more than seven states including Washington D.C. Stream Energy has also been able to launch a different division of the company that offers wireless services and mobile phone services called the Stream Wireless. Despite expanding to several states, Stream Energy has maintained its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The Stream Cares Foundation

Giving back to the society has become a culture at Stream Energy. The company has started a division of the company known as the Stream Cares Foundation which is in charge of all the works of charity that the company partakes in. one specific course that is close to the heart of Stream Energy is helping the Homeless. Stream Cares works with the Hope Supply corporation with which the company supplies food and basic needs to the homeless. The company also assists the Hope Supply Corporation to supply the homeless with diapers, schools supplies and more other supplies that children require. Stream cares also works with the HABITAT foundation and the Red Cross with whom they work on finding settlements for the homeless in the Dallas area and beyond.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the areas around Houston, Texas, Stream Energy’s Stream Cares Foundation was among the first organizations to reach out to help the victims of the crisis. Through the foundation, the employees of the company helped find shelters for the victims who not only lost their homes but also lost their property, families, friends and even pets.

Shervin Pishevar predicts Fed will renege on promises to wind down balance sheet

Shervin Pishevar has become known as one of the go-to sources for insightful economic analyses within the world of tech. And it is a reputation well deserved. Shervin Pishevar is the current CEO and founder and Investment company, one of the most important firms in the field of venture capital for the technology world. He has also been behind the founding of some of the most successful companies of the last ten years, acting as an entrepreneur in his own right. Some of the companies that Shervin Pishevar has built and then sold include Social Gaming Network, WebOS and Ionside. He has also provided the critical early financing for the creations of Virgin Hyperloop, Uber and Airbnb.

Fed is addicted to QE

While Shervin Pishevar openly acknowledges that quantitative easing is one of the only tools in the Fed’s box that has reliably worked as advertised, he says that the overuse of quantitative easing is eventually likely to kick off severe inflation or even hyperinflation.

Shervin Pishevar warns that the Fed is beholden to the financial elite. That means that it will renege in a heartbeat on its promises to wind down its bloated balance sheet should a severe market correction manifest. This, says Pishevar, would be a huge mistake and would take the country and the dollar one step closer to financial Armageddon.

Pishevar says that the Fed absolutely must follow through on its promises to wind down its balance sheet. He says that we are currently in the midst of one of the longest economic expansions in history. If the Fed is unable to reload its most potent weapon in the best of economic times, Pishevar warns that there is no chance that it will be able to do so when the inevitable market correction and likely recession emerge in the near future.

Pishevar warns that if the Fed does not wind down its balance sheet now, while times are good, that it will inevitably turn to its favored tool once again when there is a major market correction. Only this time, the bond markets will be much more leery of purchasing artificially propped up government debt.

InnovaCare Establishes Model for Innovative Patient Centered Managed Health Care

InnovaCare, Inc. is a managed healthcare services provider that has a membership of over 200,000 individuals and contains a network of over 7500 providers. It leads one of the top health plans in Puerto Rico, which includes PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. (PMC) and MMM Healthcare, Inc.


Dr. Richard Shino is the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, his patient-centered approach to managed care has lead InnovaCare to become one of the leading organizations, setting a new model for patient-centered health care services in Puerto Rico, and possible for the rest of the United States.


With the focus being on the quality of care, rather than the quality of care, the organizational leadership that he brings to the table, Dr. Shinto’s focus on patient satisfaction has proven itself to not only be innovative, but also effective. He has successfully managed the care of over 250,000 lives and has adopted new payment models that have created a new method for strengthening relationships between patients and providers that can serve as a model for other managed care practices across the nation.  You can visit for more details.


Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides once served as the Chief Operating Officer, and rejoined the ranks in June 2015. With over 20 years of experience in public programs in the managed health care sector, her knowledge base has helped to bring vast improvements in the structure and operations in the organization, allowing for improvements extending down to providing the best possible care for the patient.


In 2016, InnovaCare, Inc. joined the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN), which is a partnership moving payment models based on quality of care versus on the quantity of patients, showing their contemporary willingness to focus more on patient care than private gain. The public-private partnership works to put the focus back onto the well-being of the patient, offering alternative payment methods that intends to strengthen the relationship they form with their provider. The focus will be on the quality of care they receive, not just the number of visits that the provider fulfills. For additioanal info you can visit


As a NCQA-accredited health plan, InnovaCare provides its members with healthcare that is affordable through accepting alternative payment methods, innovative treatment options and well-coordinated patient care, ensuring that patients and providers are on the same page for the best possible outcomes for all those involved on a patient by patient case basis through a coordinated effort of non-profit, public and private work on the island. To see more you can checkout




Enjoy The Infinity Group For Financial Advisement

The Infinity Group understands the benefits of financial advisement when it comes to peace of mind about your money. There are many big name financial institutions that make promises to get you out of debt, but rarely deliver. Many Australians are left financially frustrated with no where to turn for debt relief. However, the Infinity Group has been able to focus on client based consulting for your money. You can speak to an experienced financial counselor to find a way to relieve yourself from your financial burden. Their team of professionals are dedicated to your debt relief fast when compared to a big name financial institute.


What To Expect From The Infinity Group


The Infinity Group was founded by Graeme Holmes. His idea was to provide personalized financial services that high end clients can depend on. They provide their customers with a hassle free experience that nudges many Australians to get back on financial track when they need it. You can get one on one attention that is focused on your monetary status wherever you stand. Many customers try to get a jumpstart on their business with the help of Infinity financial consulting. You can get to the heart of your finances to build a stronger future with guidance.


Make Smarter Decisions With Your Money


Their team of financial consultants use educational resources to help their clients make smarter financial decisions. You have an opportunity to get out of debt with the aid of sound advice. Plus, they access your finances to help you realize your dreams of wealth. Their financial advice has helped their clients invest in property or plan their future retirement. They make sure you won’t have to come out of retirement to work to maintain your livelihood. Trust their team of professionals to help you build a life of wealth that delivers you a peace of mind with your money.


You can also take their financial wealth test from their website. Take a 5-minute financial test that gives you immediate results. Their discreet approach to your finances has been used by hundreds of Australians. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn more about their free online financial kit from the Infinity Group. More clients have been able to transform their finances by using their financial advice. They guide their clients without intruding into their finances. Take advantage of a debt solution that leads you out of debt one step at a time with Infinity. Learn more:

The career of Peter Briger, Principal Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a professional in the finance and investment industry. He is a highly reputable leader and professional with zeal for work and results. He currently works as a principal at Fortress Investment Group. He has also worked with Goldman Sachs for 15 years, where he became a partner in 1996. Some his accomplishments when working for Goldman Sachs include serving in various committees such as Asian Management Committee, Japan Executive Committee and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. Briger has also served in leadership positions at different levels of the Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger is a principal at Fortress Investment Group as well co-chairman of the board of directors.

The investment firm is based in New York. He has served as a member of the Management Committee of the company since he joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Peter Briger has been placed in the role of overseeing the Fortress Credit Business. The main activities of this department are dealing with undervalued assets and distressed credit investments. It currently has over 300 individuals.Away from the work that Peter is carrying out at Fortress Investment Group, he is also a board of director’s member at the Princeton University Investment Company. He has also been supporting the activities of the Central Park Conservancy.

Peter has a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University and also a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.It is clear that this is a person who has been in the investment sector and doing very well in managing the investments of people who have trusted this organization with. Briger has a responsibility of helping this organization to get as many people as possible to the list of those who will benefit from this company. Peter Briger has always been positive about the opportunities which are available for the company. With the experience that he has gathered from the many roles he has played in the financial sector, he is undoubtedly one of the people who should lead such a large global company. Briger has played his part well and continues to make this company shine.

Rick Shinto’s Successful Leadership at InnovaCare Health

The core value at InnovaCare Health is to provide medical care of high quality. The company also has qualified personnel who propel its stability and growth. InnovaCare Health also prides itself in team work which enhances good business relationships and effective communication.


InnovaCare Health Team


Penelope Kokkinides is the he Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Penelope’s years of experience in the development of clinical programs has enabled her to manage the operations of InnovaCare Health. Penelope was among the three professionals that were added to InnovaCare’s team and has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. Check out



InnovaCare Health Affiliates


In Puerto Rico, there are two affiliates of InnovaCare Health,namely: PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare Inc. MMM and PMC offer health care programs of high quality with a ninety percent rate of customer satisfaction. In 2011, both programs received accreditation of NCOA which is only received by companies if they meet the quality assurance expectation. Also, other key determines are quality improvement and customer protection


Rick Shinto’s Career Background


Rick Shinto has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare since 2012. Rick kicked off his career in Southern California as a pulmonologist. Previously, he was working at Aveta Inc. and he received an the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award of the Year. This award is only given to entrepreneurs with committed excellence to innovative ideas. He was also the Vice President at Medical Management, the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company and Cal Optima Health Plan. Rick worked at NAMM California for a years before stepping foot into InnovaCare Health.


Rick has an impressive resume which includes article writings of health care problems and clinical medicine. From the University of California, Rick holds a B.S and undertook a medical degree at the University of New York.Rick further on enhanced his studies at the University of Redlands and received his M.B.A. Check out



Rick Shinto’s Guide to InnovaCare Success


Rick Shinto is the main reason for the company’s success today. Rick is hopeful that InnovaCare. Rick has led his InnovaCare team to attract the average people by ensuring that visiting the Doctor is more affordable. The residents of Puerto Rico can assess good quality of health care at cheaper options. InnovaCare is the preferred choice of medical care with over seventy percent of residents advocating for it.


Rick Shinto is a dedicated career man who aims at ensuring that InnovaCare Health continues to prosper by providing exceptional medical care.



Click here:


The RealReal: Consigment Shop Beauty

The RealReal’s Instagram page shows a list of luxury items such as purses, shoes, clothes, eye-wear and bracelets. There are many posts from famous actors and musicians that inspire creativity and refer to the luxury consignment startups concept and movement. Whether you’re looking for a pair of flip-flops, handbags, necklaces, swimsuits or hats The RealReal has what you’re looking for. It’s Instagram page posts are an assortment of colorful photos that entice readers to find out more on how to get their hands on the select luxury items and name brand products. The brick and mortar store in SoHo reveals that The RealReal will definitely give the competition a run for its money.

The RealReal business has raised and astounding $173 million since its inception. You can find everything you can ever imagine when it comes to big names brands and accessories that dominate the industry. The shop itself was discovered and created by Julie Wainwright in 2011. She was well known in the dot com era while working in the 90s in the tech industry. Most know her in the role of chief executive for The RealReal consignment shop gives customers authentic products they can relate to. When visiting the shop, customers can get the same item they see on display online. The RealReal has a sophisticated set up to where sales associates have the capability of scanning items and removing them from the site while the customer is considering a purchase.

The RealReal has had huge success since opening it’s store in SoHo. The stores location is a design by Courtney Applebaum. Her work has been seen as an interior designer for the label Row. As customers browse the shop, they have the opportunity to visit the flower stall and by beautiful stems offered by Fox Fodder Farm, which is the coffee bar in the downstairs area.