GreenSky Bluegrass Announces Vinyl Pressing Of Classic Album

GreenSky Bluegrass has some huge things in the works for the rest of 2018 and the start of 2019. Recently, they announced that their 2006 album Tuesday Letter will be released for the first time ever on 180G vinyl. You’ll be able to order the album at their online store for preorder on November 23. Their shows keep selling out as they travel around the United States promoting their upcoming album All For Money. One of the most recent sold-out shows took place on Friday and Saturday the weekend after Thanksgiving at Kalamazoo State in Michigan.

In 2000, GreenSky Bluegrass was founded in the very city that they recently sold out twice in. They originally formed the band with just 3 members before later growing to include 5. While their name may have the word “bluegrass” in it, they are far from your stereotypical bluegrass band. Their music certainly has the same feeling like the genre but with other sounds like rock and stringband. Everything about the band has evolved since they were first formed including their stage show. What started off as a simple show now includes a light show and other special effects.

Their newest album All For Money is scheduled for release on January 18, 2019, but can be preordered now. They will also be starting a winter tour at the start of 2019 on January 10 in Albany, New York. The tour will continue until their last show in Detroit, Michigan on February 9. Some of the other bands featured on the upcoming GreenSky Bluegrass tour will include the Cris Jacobs Band, Circles Around The Sun, and Billy Strings. More musicians are expected to be announced as the tour dates approach.

The band now consists of Dave Bruzza on guitar, Paul Hoffman on Mandolin, Michael Arlen Bont on banjo, Michael Devol on bass, and Anders Beck on Dobro. Greensky Bluegrass appeared on the main stage of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2007 after being named the winners of their 2006 band competition. It was after this that they recorded Tuesday Letter which will soon be available on vinyl.

Dick and Betsy DeVos: Leaders Of Grand Rapids

Dick and Betsy DeVos continue to be the leaders that West Michigan needs. As every good leader knows, they have the realization that it is important to learn from history. Next to Gerald Ford and his wife Betty Ford, Dick and Betsy are perhaps the most well-known residents of Grand Rapids. In the early 90’s, they were made aware of a plan to build a multi-purpose sports and convention arena in one of the Grand Rapids suburbs. The DeVoses were against the idea simply because they had seen the economic downturn that neighboring Detroit had taken when the Lions and the Pistons had left for the suburbs in the 1970’s. Indeed, they both realized that it was the beginning of the end for that city. Did they want the same thing to happen to their beloved Grand Rapids? In a word, no, so Dick immediately began lobbying against the idea. Because of his pull, the powers that be ultimately decided against the idea, but the DeVoses did not stop there.


The DeVoses’ campaign against a sports facility being added above of the main Grand Rapids area would ultimately lead to the founding of a utilitennis box tennis called the Grand Actions, which is a great of individuals who know they wanted the Grand Rapids area to continue to improve. This grown was led was by Dick DeVos and has lead such important steps over the years such as the founding of the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the formation of the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Performance Center and the medical school affiliated with Michigan State University.


By establishing these landmarks, the DeVos family has went above and beyond the call in demonstrating they are not just about money. Anyone can collect an inheritance, but Dick and Betsy DeVos realize that the best way to change a community is through philanthropy. This couple realizes that they can change the trajectory of a Michigan city as long as they are strategic with their monetary endowments. Dick and Betsy DeVos have always realize that the slogan “with much power comes much responsibility” rings true. This is why they are so dedicated to changing their local world through philanthropy, and this is why many recognize them as the leaders of the Grand Rapids area.


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Peter Briger; The Pillar Holding Fortress Investment Group Together

Peter Briger is a bigwig, especially when it comes to the business world. The American based investor has a special reputation in the market because of his role in Fortress Investment Group. The Forbes platform recognized him for being one of the top entrepreneurs in the global market who have managed to earn so much wealth in the recent years. The businessman had a normal upbringing, and he had the same opportunities like all the young people living in America. However, when he got a chance to study finance at the university, the businessman set himself apart from the rest by getting very good grades.

The finance and investment market can be considered to be a complicated area, judging by the kind of competition that has been presenting itself in the recent years. Without the right commitment and dedication, most professionals struggle a lot, and they end up abandoning their careers. For Peter Briger, his career life has been quite eventful, getting many recognitions because of his achievements and at the same time making a huge impact in the lives of many people who are in search of financial services.

After completing his university studies, Peter Briger joined the market, and he was hopeful, like all the young professionals, that he was going to make a change in the market that would be recognized. Fortunately, the businessman made his career life successful, and he worked for various companies in the United States. His star started to shine even better when he joined several other executives to start a private equity company that would be based in the US. The company was brought into the New York City resident lives in the year 1998, and since then, it has grown to become a global firm. Fortress Investment Group has impressed customers and made things even better for the consumers who love great services.

Peter Briger might be a popular financial figure because of his achievements. However, few people know that the businessman loves to give out his resources and time to the needy members living in the world. In the past, the businessman has donated a significant amount of money to several causes in the society.

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Cloudwick And The Amazing Potential Of AI In The Near Future

Every year, our nation’s tech sector continues to evolve and grow. In the near future, it is only natural that machine learning will continue to fascinate the members of this industry. Encompassing artificial intelligence and related fields, machine learning is a topic of great interest to the public and to government officials. Despite the sensationalistic depictions of artificial intelligence (AI) in popular media, AI is a benign technology that has the potential to greatly improve our national economy.

As noted by a variety of industry commentators, Cloudwick machine learning experts are among the most talented in their field. Cloudwick (CW) has put together an outstanding team to create machine learning solutions that are accessible for enterprises both large and small. Arguably, CW’s products have democratized machine learning tools in an unprecedented way. Cloudwick has proven many times over that machine learning can be used in a way that is innovative yet deeply grounded in sensible business practices. As Cloudwick has popularized “Big Data as a service,” this organization has also leveraged the concept of the data lake (DL). A DL is an enclosed virtual environment where telemetry data can be stored in an impressively versatile manner.

CW has a huge amount of influence in modern cybersecurity. Far from just focusing on for-profit applications, CW provides a variety of machine learning (ML) tools that are useful for data scientists and AI researchers. Inasmuch as companies like CW advance the state of human knowledge of ML, these companies are engaged in activities that benefit the entire public.

Cybersecurity news services have reported that CW is currently the leading company involved in propagating the DL model of information management. In addition to ML, CW is involved in predictive analytic services. Industry analyst Gartner has reported that AI may create as many as 2.3 million jobs between 2018 and 2022. ML engineers are forecasted to benefit the most from the increased demand in AI. Positions for ML engineers should increase by about 166 percent in the next four years. If the past is any guide, CW will continue to employ many of the most skilled, marketable ML engineers in the tech sector.

How Does Adam Milstein Balance Between Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy?

Born and raised in Israel at a time when the country was still fighting to maintain its borders, Adam Milstein appreciates the importance of hard work and young people’s struggles with identity. The experiences and closely following in his father’s footsteps would see him establish one of the biggest real estate ventures after moving into the United States. They have also taught him the need for giving back to the community and helping young people discover their identity and parent’s roots.

Venturing into real estate

Adam Milstein’s father was a real estate industry expert specializing in construction and development business. He, therefore, picked a skill or two and these proved vital when he moved into the USA in 1981. He would soon venture into commercial real estate as a sales agent before founding the Hager Pacific Properties where he currently serves as the managing partner. In the three decades that the firm has been in operation, it has developed close to 100 properties all across the country that it owns and manages and which are currently valued at over $2 Billion.

Philanthropy and activism

In 2000, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF), which supports non-governmental organizations of Israel and Jewish descent. The foundation invests heavily in different programs in the US and Israel. For instance, it has dedicated significant resources towards sponsoring education for Israeli-American students and professionals seeking to identify with their Jewish roots and reconnect with the state of Israel.

Through philanthropy, Adam Milstein is helping champion and tighten the US-Israel political economic and social ties by supporting activist groups that specialize in US-Israel ties. To this end, he co-founded the Israel-American Council (IAC) where he also serves as its chairman. The movement seeks to establish deeper connections between Israeli-Americans and the Jewish Community.

Why champion Jewish identity

Adam Milstein appreciates that less than 70 years ago, the world came together to ensure that the Jewish Community was consolidated and reunited with the creation of the nation of Israel. However, the Jewish identity that brought his people together is quickly eroding, especially among the children of the first- generation Israeli-Americans. Having witnessed his countrymen fight to for the sustainability of the culture and nation, Adam has taken up the mantle to ensure that their sacrifices were not in vain.

GreenSky: Offering benefits of moodern banking

GreenSky is a fintech that offers technology that links borrowers to lenders. They do not offer any money themselves but just the technology needed to process this information. This fintech is now one of the best we have in the world. They are offering a business model that is unique and one that is highly successful. Some people have compared it to an offline version of the Lending Tree. Investors see it as the best big thing in this industry. The rate of growth is tremendous, and now that they are a publicly traded company, better results will be seen. In the past one year, there have successfully processed over $3.8 billion in loan volumes. The amount has been increasing every year. In 2017 alone, they recorded a 30 percent.

GreenSky works as a link between the borrower and the bank. The loans are however offered at the point-of-sale. The merchant offering services apply for the loan on behalf of the borrower. This service is mainly meant for the people who want to be offered certain services but have no money to pay in cash. The merchant will assist the consumer to apply for the loan through GreenSky. The loan application is sent to the fintech who link the borrower to one of the partnering banks for instant loan processing.

How does GreenSky make money?

The profits for this company come from fee-charged for transactions. Each transaction is charged 7.4 percent. The percent is deducted on the merchant’s income. The consumer only pays the amount awarded by the bank without interest rates. The loan is repaid in small installments.

GreenSky works with four regional banks- Synovus, Fifth Third, Sun Trust, and Regions Financial. These banks have offered about 89 percent of the transactions handled by this fintech. Many regional banks love the business of lending loans to consumers, but the business is highly difficult due to lack of clients. It can cost a just to get consumers willing to take up loans with them, which is in itself a great setback. Another setback comes with servicing loans. Most of the loans average about $7,000 and normally offer challenges to banks. GreenSky is offering solutions to both of them. They bring in the customer and service the loan on behalf of the bank.

OSI Food Solutions Has Purchased A Food Plant in Chicago

Becoming one of the biggest, most successful companies in the food industry could take a lot hard work. OSI Food Solutions has been striving to deliver food services that are high quality to their customers and they have been a company that has continued to grow and expand. OSI recently acquired a food plant that is located in Chicago, Illinois. That plant is located near another OSI food plant in Geneva, Illinois. Their new food plant is the latest in a group of OSI food plants located in California, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

The food plant that OSI Food Solutions recently purchased was a Tyson Foods plant before it closed. After the plant shut down, many of the former employees of that food plant were hired by OSI. OSI is an expanding company, and they are looking to hire people who are high-quality workers. They also want employees who are interested in the food industry. OSI strives to give their employees a work environment that is enjoyable and rewarding. More about of OSI Food Solution at Bloomberg

OSI Food Solutions is a company that does food processing and they have experience processing various types of foods. They have experience processing beef products such as beefsteak, beef burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf. They have experience processing pork products, as well. Their pork products include cooked sausage links, roasted pork, pulled pork, bacon bits, and bacon strips. The company also processes poultry products such as poultry strips, nuggets, patties, and turkey products. Pizza products are also processed by OSI. Pizza products such as pepperoni, breads, crusts, and dough are among the foods that are processed by OSI. In addition to those foods, OSI also processes fish, meat patties, hot dogs, chili, soups, cucumbers, corn, onions, and tomatoes.

The food industry is a competitive field and OSI Food Solutions has been having a lot of success in that industry. OSI is a food company that has continued to grow and they have continued to expand with their recent purchase of another food plant in Chicago. They continue to strive to be a company that delivers food-processing services that are high quality.



Stream Energy, serving the society through the Stream Cares Foundation

In the year 2005, when the Dallas area of Texas was going through a period of deregulation in their electricity market as well as the entire electricity market of the State of Texas, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji launched a company that offered energy services to clients across Texas. Stream is the name of the company which started out as a provider of energy but has since then grown to more than that. Three years from the time it was founded, the company expanded its reach to the State of Georgia, then to the North Eastern region two years later. From there, the company was able to expand to more than seven states including Washington D.C. Stream Energy has also been able to launch a different division of the company that offers wireless services and mobile phone services called the Stream Wireless. Despite expanding to several states, Stream Energy has maintained its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The Stream Cares Foundation

Giving back to the society has become a culture at Stream Energy. The company has started a division of the company known as the Stream Cares Foundation which is in charge of all the works of charity that the company partakes in. one specific course that is close to the heart of Stream Energy is helping the Homeless. Stream Cares works with the Hope Supply corporation with which the company supplies food and basic needs to the homeless. The company also assists the Hope Supply Corporation to supply the homeless with diapers, schools supplies and more other supplies that children require. Stream cares also works with the HABITAT foundation and the Red Cross with whom they work on finding settlements for the homeless in the Dallas area and beyond.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the areas around Houston, Texas, Stream Energy’s Stream Cares Foundation was among the first organizations to reach out to help the victims of the crisis. Through the foundation, the employees of the company helped find shelters for the victims who not only lost their homes but also lost their property, families, friends and even pets.