Securus Technologies Enhances Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies said that it is now running its trial test for its drone detection system program. The drone detection system was implemented due to reports given by officials from correctional facilities that drones have been transporting contraband items into the facilities.


Evidence was found linking drones as a means of transport to bring in unlawful materials like drugs, cell phones, and weapons into prisons, and Securus Technologies a company specializing in prison technology was requested to create a system that would sense a drone presence within the vicinity of jails and prisons.


Securus Technologies labored over the task with its technology partners who are experts in the field for more than 18 months to ensure that the correct engineering capacities are incorporated into the system’s efficient installation and implementation. Representatives from Securus and jail management officials are both resolute to find the best means to put a stop to the drone problem.


A spokesman from Securus opined that the program for drone detections is a new one that would necessitate trials to make it impeccable. In addition to this, more resources and investment are currently being incorporated into the program to enhance the said technology further.


The drone detection equipment has a pre-installed antenna that is similar to the Wireless Containment System Securus made earlier the latter of which is to prevent unlawful calls made by prisoners inside the prisons.


The recognition of drone presence and its deterrence in entering the penal compounds is essential for the safety of all the people inside the correctional facilities, officials and inmates included.


In the recent Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, Securus Technologies won three awards to wit: the Gold was awarded to the Corporate Escalations Team (Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year); the Silver was given to Zelperita Jackson (Customer Service Manager – Customer Service Professional of the Year); and the Bronze was taken by the Video Visitation Team (Font-Line Customer Service Team of the Year).


The Stevie Awards for the Sales and Customer Service category are bestowed on corporations around the world who made it to the top of their respective customer services. And Securus Technologies garnered the recognition in the three groups – gold, silver and bronze. This substantiates that Securus is providing quality customer service in its pursuit to excel in the prison-technology industry.


Securus Technologies was organized in 1986, and it pioneered the Wireless Containment Solution that detected and blocked illegal calls made by inmates from prison, and have shown impressive results by hindering 1.7 million calls made by prisoners as of November 2017.


Securus Technologies deserved to win the 2018 Stevie Awards since it has proven its capability in delivering up to what is expected from the company through innovative technology that makes communities a safer haven.



Cosmetic Empire Designer, Doe Deere, Gives Advice To Dreamers

When you’re performing your daily beauty regimen, what good is the most expensive brand devoid of color? The question of exuberant color was the reason cosmetic designer, Doe Deere created her popular line of unique beauty products full of pastel shades. There wasn’t a time when Deere hasn’t been devoted to color or the concept of designing colors. She started out young, when she decided, she enjoyed marketing products to her friends in her native Russia. As a child, she was able to market novelty tattoos to other teenagers; impressed with the new fad that Deere, herself popularized by wearing.


Deere was quick to tell others entrepreneurs; her peers weren’t always on board with her ideas. She understood the importance of being the fire behind her passion for colors and putting in more work than she expected from anyone else. In fact, Doe Deere, moved to New York in her young adults years and the Unicorn Queen was born. She later went to design school and received her certification in design. However, the soft spoken beauty says, she started out designing cool clothes, but she would keep her true dreams alive and later birth her leading industry cosmetic line.


Who Is The Face Behind The LimeCrime Brand


LimeCrime is centered around wearers willing to be completely unapologetic about their unique identity. Their creator has always had a fixation with color that would later become popular among young adults and identity-seekers. Deere has always said; her products will be completely hypoallergenic and available for all skin types. Many professional makeup artist and popular celebrities have decided to use her cosmetics because of their amazing base formula and completely smudge-proof application. It’s important to remember, says Deere; your cosmetics should always make your skin both, look and feel good.


Doe Deere; The Business Side Of Cosmetics


Business as usual for Doe Deere, includes taking risks including being one of the first cosmetic designers to use super-foil as a base in her cosmetics. The business moved turned out to be a success among her huge following of wearers and continues to ne the base of her eye-shadow and lipstick products to this day. She makes it possible for you to highlight your best features with cute colors that include catchy names to match like Red Velvet. In fact, you’ll enjoy exclusive colors that are hard to locate with competitor products.


Business doesn’t stop with her signature cosmetic line. Deere quickly responded to black-market matte products being sold in China by creating an e-commerce market. The Chinese market has already had the benefit of millions of authentic LimeCrime products with the benefits of having them shipped directly to your door overseas. Creative colors continues to be the core foundation and all of the LC cosmetics sister products. Experience exclusive colors with cool distinct packaging to make your favorite cosmetics easy to recognize and designed so they’re to find at the bottom of your cosmetic bag or where you store your products.


Learn more about Doe Deere by visiting her professional LinkedIn today.