Jim Tananbaum Sees Potential In Mindstrong

Mindstrong Health is a progressive new AI technology that is rocking the health industry. It has the potential to completely revolutionize the way mental health is diagnosed and viewed by the public. Mindstrong recently released the exciting news that they were able to raise $14 million and this money will be used to fund the research and application of their new technology (http://www.massdevice.com/neuropsych-treatment-diagnosis-platform-dev-mindstrong-health-raises-14m-series/). Mindstrong uses smartphones to monitor and examine the cognitive function of a person’s brain while they are simply living their everyday life. Many people believe this is going to transform our knowledge on mental health and greatly benefit the patients who suffer from these disorders.

At the moment, the way doctor diagnose and view mental disorders is subjective in comparison to other physical ailments. Since the patient is in a clinical setting and might even withhold information, it makes it difficult to provide an entirely accurate observation. Mindstrong seeks to completely throw out this way of diagnosis and believes that mental disorders will soon be able to be diagnosed in the same way physical issues are, such as hypothyroidism or sjrogrens disease. This will benefit the patients and also give scientists and doctors a vast amount of data and information to work with in order to further understand mental health. This is a fragile subject and this in depth ability to examine a person’s mind is revolutionary. More details discussed on ideamensch.com.

Jim Tanabaum, Foresite Capital firm’s CEO and Managing Director, is very excited about the direction of this new technology. He has over 25 years of experience and has worked in both the medical field and the investment field. Jim began his expertise in the industry by attending Yale, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School, and MIT where he earned several different degrees in health and business. View the company’s Facebook page here.

He believes that Mindstrong is a huge hit from both sides of the spectrum. Jim Tananbaum firmly believes that Mindstrong is going to be a breakthrough in the medical world.

The Mission of Dick DeVos

When reading and learning more about Dick DeVos and his numerous work history years and his numerous accomplishments during his career as a businessman, it was hard not to respect this individual due to the efforts that he has put into his family company in addition to the efforts that he has put into building communities and improving the lives of individuals across the United States. Dick DeVos has many titles as well as accomplishments and is known to be a father, a philanthropist, and innovator, a businessman, as well as a family man who looks to use the success of his company to grow the family name of DeVos to be a respected name that will live on. Dick DeVos is the proud son of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway Corporation. Richard DeVos laid the foundation for the success of Amway Corporation and Dick DeVos has been able to carry on the legacy and make his father proud ever since.


Dick DeVos has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do ever since he was a young boy and he spent time with his father in his office. As a boy growing up, Dick DeVos was able to watch the company grow from a company that was based in his family hope to a company that became one of the richest and influential companies in the world.


Dick DeVos did not become an official member of the Amway Corporation family until after he had graduated from college with a degree in economics. Richard DeVos wanted Dick DeVos to join only after he had proved himself as an individual who would work hard to get things accomplished. After having officially joined the company of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos was able to climb the ladder to success quickly and even became one of the company’s vice presidents just 10 years after joining the company. During his time as a vice president of the company, Dick DeVos was put in charge of international sales and grew the number of sales greatly.


In addition to his excellence within the world of business, Dick DeVos has also become a well known and respected philanthropist who has worked hard to improve the lives of individuals across the United States by growing the local economies. Dick DeVos has been using education initiatives to grow human capital as a way to encourage economic growth. With this in mind, Dick DeVos has donated numerous scholarships and has even funded the building of schools in Michigan.


Mikhail Blagosklonny – Extensive Research and Career

Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist of a Russian descent who is conducting medical research in the fields of aging and cancer. He is working as a professor at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute – he teaches Oncology.

Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny had his higher education and earned his medical degrees in his home country of Russia. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny attended

the esteemed institutions of St. Petersburg. He achieved an MD in internal medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University after which he earned a Ph. D. as well, in Cardiology and experimental medicine.

After he had completed his education in Russia, Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny moved to the United States of America and settled in New York City. There, in 2002, he became a part of the New York Medical College as an associate professor of medicine. His next position was at the Ordway Research Institute and conducted medical research as a senior scientist. In 2009, Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny became a part of his current work place – the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is a professor of Oncology at the institute

Over the course of his career, Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny has expressed a lot of dedication towards his fields of research. He took up the position of one of the two editors in chief of the medical journal called Oncotarget. Originally the journal of Oncotarget published research and articles on the topic of Oncology, hence the title of the journal. In recent year, however, the topics that the journal publishes have grown exponentially but Oncology has continued to be the primary and most published topic. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny has also written a large number of articles regarding his own research – Biogerontology and Oncology. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

Biogerontology is the science of the underlying mechanisms which are responsible for the aging process. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny studies that as well as more topics that are related to aging such as reversing the aging of people and how to slow it down effectively and on a molecular level. He has been dedicated to the development of drugs that have the purpose of reducing the rapid progression of the aging process as well.

In terms of his cancer research, Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny studied oncology as a whole. He studies and analyzes therapies for cancer in order to enhance them and using the already existing data and providing new information. His focus falls predominantly on cancer therapies that have the purpose of protect the healthy cells from the damaged ones. That would prevent the spreading the cancer in the body and allow for a quicker and more effective recovery for the patients. Visit classroomvoices.org to read more about Mikhail.

Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny is also editor in chief of a few other medical journals such as Cell Cycle for example. Cell Cycle explores the topics of Biogerontology and anti-aging. The medical journal publishes recent research in the fields and other articles related to aging. Professor Mikhail Blagosklonny is greatly dedicated to finding a way to reverse the aging process and allowing people to stay younger for longer.

The Many Accomplishments of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is the mastermind behind Brazil’s legendary Manaia shopping mall. Manaira is a shopping paradise and is one of the most renowned places to go for food, fun and purchasing boundless retail. As impressive as the massive entertaining shopping hub is, Santiago has a lifetime of many other great accomplishments. As a serial entrepreneur he has successfully hosted a career as a film director, playwright, autor, bloggist and businessman. He has been positively impacting Brazil and the city of Joao Pessoa where Manaia shopping mall is for over 37 years.

On November 29th, 1989 Santiago opened the Manaia shopping mall to the public. It took over two years of construction to complete. The first expansión occured in 1993 and four years later the second augmentation was implemented. The third expansión was in 2003 and the fourth in 2007. The mall continued growing and adding special features from that point on and became increasingly popular with residents and tourists alike. Inside the establishment you will find bowling allies, 3D theatres, amusement parks, tremendous game playing áreas, banks, a gym, countless food court options and even a university. You could spend days in the mall and not do the same thing twice. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Roberto has a business degree from the University of Joao Pessoa and also was a scholar at literary creation and imagary at Complutense University and the School of Letters of Madrd. He went on to screenwrite many films but most notably his film, The Longest Penalty in the World was nominated best adapted screenplay in 2006. He has authored many best selling books including children’s books. It seems everything Santiego sets his mind to prosperes, which is why he is widely regarded in the arts and business industry. Roberto is also very active in government servitude for the municipality of Sao Paulo. He previously held the past position of assistant president of the general committee of Brazilian employees. Currently he serves as a council member to the civil board of labor administration and duties. He spearheaded the redrafting of legal policies in regard to mínimum wage for Brazilian employees and this has made him highly recognized for his philanthropic Works.

Roberto Santiago is a generous humanitarian who helped many causes and ventures, including mentoring youth entreprenuers. With his guidance he has facilitated many people’s ideas and inventions into reality. He has won awards for his assistance and contributions in the superior labor courts. His other recognized awards consist of the Commemorative Award from the Consolidation of Labor Laws, the Cebrasse Sector service prize and for seven consecutive years one of the most influential Brazilian politicians from the Department of Parliamentary Counsel. Among the business community he is thought of as Golden. He has excelled even in the sports arena. Having an avid love for motor cross, he has won various trophies. With all of his many successes, Roberto has magnanimously invested back into his community and is a well respected man. Read more articles on exame.abril.com

Music and Drumming: The Less Known Side of Cassio Audi

Today, Cassio Audi is popularly known for his impeccable career in the financial sector. For over twenty-five years, Cassio has been a key player in the financial industry in Brazil, particularly because of his executive roles in some of the most reputable organizations. In the 90s, he worked at Gillette as a financial director and Dow Chemical as a senior financial analyst. He later worked as a CFO at three different companies- at the Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc., GVMI, and at Rossi Residential. What most individuals might not know is that just like the success he has had in the financial sector, Cassio Audi was equally successful in the music industry.

Cassio’s Music Career

Cassio’s prime time in the music industry was before he became a BA student at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo. From early-80 coming all the way to the early 90s, Cassio was a renowned drummer in Sao Paulo and Brazil at large. He was once one of the band members in Viper, a top metal band in the country then. During this time, he composed a couple of songs for the band and served as the lead drummer during the band’s live performances.

Having joined Viper as a teenager in 1980, Cassio was instrumental in ensuring that the band gained ground across Latin America. The band consisted of some of the best talents of the time, something that enabled Cassio to grow professionally. Cassio and his colleagues benchmarked on British heavy metal bands and were able to develop quicker and gain popularity quickly. The band recorded The Killera Sword album in 1985, the album that popularized it across Brazil.

Soldier of Sunrise

It was in 1988 that Viper got its breakthrough after releasing the Soldiers of Sunrise album. All songs in the album were accepted across the globe, with critics acknowledging the cultivating message in them. Cassio had composed one of the songs on the album. A year later, he quit the band to join the University.