Why Madison Street Capital Is Still Influential In the Corporate Finance Industry

Being a reputable company especially in the investment banking is not always easy. Many companies start up well and even command a wider customer base but they eventually make their base shaky once they compromise their reputation. One thing to know is that earning a good reputation may be easy but maintaining it would require more than you think. Any company commanding a higher level of reputation in the business world must maintain a higher level of integrity. This is what Madison Street Capital has done. The kind of reputation this company has in the investment banking is extraordinary. It has managed to expertly meet the middle market needs through its exceptional management system and experience level.


The main offices of Madison Street Capital are based in Chicago where most of its international operations take place. Anytime a company becomes international, it locates its main offices in one of the main cities in the country. Corporate finance is known to have various intricacies when it comes to investment banking. When an investment firm comes with the right solutions to such problems, it becomes easier to earn an influential name. This firm doesn’t only ensure that the sellers and buyers match, but also in designing effective exit strategies. The company is also reputable in structuring extensive contracts in the investment banking field.


Madison Street Capital specializes in various areas and this is what has made it what it has become today. Anyone in need of tax compliance services and bankruptcy services would get affordable help from this firm. The company is known to offer great private placement advice and help others businesses in the area of corporate governance. The firm’s track record on acquisitions and mergers is quite extensive. Bond Media Group and Fiber Science, as well as, Central Iowa Energy are some of the reliable customers Madison Street Capital has today. The firm has managed to give corporate finance issues a global approach through its other offices based in India, Ghana, and also in Oregon.


It is known that HeartSync would not have realized the significant growth it realized if Madison Street Capital didn’t advise it. The firm has helped HeartSync to improve the quality of its cardiac resuscitation products through enhanced designs. The trade and industry organizations have continued to award the employees in Madison Street Capital because of their unmatched services. It is one of the investment banking firms that is greatly committed to community welfare, other firms and also to innovation. The firm has ensured that the local business networks and relationships in Africa, Asia, and North America have adopted the same global view. The firm ensures that the recommendations they give their clients are precise and the analysis it offers is meticulous.

Jeremy Goldstein Believes Knockout Options Will Benefit Employees And Corporations

When it comes to the corporate world, stock options have been a huge part of the incentive market and arguably a problematic part. When it comes to stocks, just like investing, it can be a gamble. Holding compensations in the form of stocks can be that employees lose large portions of their money if a companies stock value drops. What’s even worse is that in a good scenario where a company stock value increases, they are giving more and more money away to their employees. Most small companies are unable to cope with this kind of pricey incentive. Jeremy Goldstein is the leading compensation expert that has come in to provide solutions for this decade-old problem in the form of a Knockout option.


Jeremy Goldstein has written about the knockout option at various online sources where he discusses what these knockout options are and how they will be translated into more security and higher salaries. The knockout option for corporations is just like that of a stock option, but it protects the buyer, in this instance the company. Knockout options are good for employees because it protects their incentives. One of the biggest demanding factors for these knockout plans is that it would allow both small and large companies to offer their employees insurance and protection in their compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working in compensation law for decades and is a leading authority in the area. Over the years he has worked with thousands of clients through his firm, Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates, to help them in legal pursuits. Jeremy’s firm also offers advisement services to their clients to help in financial security and business management. Though there are many benefits to this proposed knockout option Jeremy discusses, he is also aware of the potential side effects that come with it. Should a CEO or executive of a company choose, they could manipulate their own market to gain money and undermind their employees. Though this is not something Jeremy Goldstein thinks will be cause for concern in practical terms as it would be devasting to a company if they were accused and caught. Learn more: http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/

Securus Technologies Enhances Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies said that it is now running its trial test for its drone detection system program. The drone detection system was implemented due to reports given by officials from correctional facilities that drones have been transporting contraband items into the facilities.


Evidence was found linking drones as a means of transport to bring in unlawful materials like drugs, cell phones, and weapons into prisons, and Securus Technologies a company specializing in prison technology was requested to create a system that would sense a drone presence within the vicinity of jails and prisons.


Securus Technologies labored over the task with its technology partners who are experts in the field for more than 18 months to ensure that the correct engineering capacities are incorporated into the system’s efficient installation and implementation. Representatives from Securus and jail management officials are both resolute to find the best means to put a stop to the drone problem.


A spokesman from Securus opined that the program for drone detections is a new one that would necessitate trials to make it impeccable. In addition to this, more resources and investment are currently being incorporated into the program to enhance the said technology further.


The drone detection equipment has a pre-installed antenna that is similar to the Wireless Containment System Securus made earlier the latter of which is to prevent unlawful calls made by prisoners inside the prisons.


The recognition of drone presence and its deterrence in entering the penal compounds is essential for the safety of all the people inside the correctional facilities, officials and inmates included.


In the recent Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, Securus Technologies won three awards to wit: the Gold was awarded to the Corporate Escalations Team (Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year); the Silver was given to Zelperita Jackson (Customer Service Manager – Customer Service Professional of the Year); and the Bronze was taken by the Video Visitation Team (Font-Line Customer Service Team of the Year).


The Stevie Awards for the Sales and Customer Service category are bestowed on corporations around the world who made it to the top of their respective customer services. And Securus Technologies garnered the recognition in the three groups – gold, silver and bronze. This substantiates that Securus is providing quality customer service in its pursuit to excel in the prison-technology industry.


Securus Technologies was organized in 1986, and it pioneered the Wireless Containment Solution that detected and blocked illegal calls made by inmates from prison, and have shown impressive results by hindering 1.7 million calls made by prisoners as of November 2017.


Securus Technologies deserved to win the 2018 Stevie Awards since it has proven its capability in delivering up to what is expected from the company through innovative technology that makes communities a safer haven.



Cosmetic Empire Designer, Doe Deere, Gives Advice To Dreamers

When you’re performing your daily beauty regimen, what good is the most expensive brand devoid of color? The question of exuberant color was the reason cosmetic designer, Doe Deere created her popular line of unique beauty products full of pastel shades. There wasn’t a time when Deere hasn’t been devoted to color or the concept of designing colors. She started out young, when she decided, she enjoyed marketing products to her friends in her native Russia. As a child, she was able to market novelty tattoos to other teenagers; impressed with the new fad that Deere, herself popularized by wearing.


Deere was quick to tell others entrepreneurs; her peers weren’t always on board with her ideas. She understood the importance of being the fire behind her passion for colors and putting in more work than she expected from anyone else. In fact, Doe Deere, moved to New York in her young adults years and the Unicorn Queen was born. She later went to design school and received her certification in design. However, the soft spoken beauty says, she started out designing cool clothes, but she would keep her true dreams alive and later birth her leading industry cosmetic line.


Who Is The Face Behind The LimeCrime Brand


LimeCrime is centered around wearers willing to be completely unapologetic about their unique identity. Their creator has always had a fixation with color that would later become popular among young adults and identity-seekers. Deere has always said; her products will be completely hypoallergenic and available for all skin types. Many professional makeup artist and popular celebrities have decided to use her cosmetics because of their amazing base formula and completely smudge-proof application. It’s important to remember, says Deere; your cosmetics should always make your skin both, look and feel good.


Doe Deere; The Business Side Of Cosmetics


Business as usual for Doe Deere, includes taking risks including being one of the first cosmetic designers to use super-foil as a base in her cosmetics. The business moved turned out to be a success among her huge following of wearers and continues to ne the base of her eye-shadow and lipstick products to this day. She makes it possible for you to highlight your best features with cute colors that include catchy names to match like Red Velvet. In fact, you’ll enjoy exclusive colors that are hard to locate with competitor products.


Business doesn’t stop with her signature cosmetic line. Deere quickly responded to black-market matte products being sold in China by creating an e-commerce market. The Chinese market has already had the benefit of millions of authentic LimeCrime products with the benefits of having them shipped directly to your door overseas. Creative colors continues to be the core foundation and all of the LC cosmetics sister products. Experience exclusive colors with cool distinct packaging to make your favorite cosmetics easy to recognize and designed so they’re to find at the bottom of your cosmetic bag or where you store your products.


Learn more about Doe Deere by visiting her professional LinkedIn today.

Securus Technologies Meets GovPayNet

Securus Technologies is an information technology corporation that creates reliable and innovative forms of technology to solve the communication issues of inmates in the prison system as well as security personnel. The loved ones of these prison inmates can have peace of mind knowing that they can communicate openly with their family members who are currently serving time behind bars. This means that they no longer have to worry about physically visiting their family members in jail, and will be able to be safe and communicate with them over digital means. In the time-honored tradition of loyalty to its customers that the company has gone one step forward and has purchased a Financial Corporation known as GovPayNet.


Securus Technologies already offers wonderful customer support to its clients, but this merger with GovPayNet will make things even easier for patrons to use. Different forms of payment methods mean that clients of the company will be able to more readily pay their bills on time, making this difficult time for them and easier transition period for when their loved ones are finally released from jail. It is unknown when the merger will become complete, but when it does there is no doubt that it will benefit anyone who is currently involved and this wonderful company.


For more information please click on the following link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-inc-to-acquire-jpay-inc-300065531.html


James Larkin, the Irish Trade Unionist

James Larkin spent his early life surrounded by the environs of a slum. He schooled and was bright in the early times. However, considering his background, he was not able to settle with studies. It’s normal to often get worried about the people we so much care about. This must have been the reason which led to his splitting of schedule to make time for work in the afternoons.

Liverpool between the late 1870s and late 1900s was a land of vast opportunities. However, the challenges that also filled their lands were innumerable. Jobs were rare to find and needed qualifications. James Larkin’s father had acquired himself a post at a firm in the region. His life had begun there, and for a long time, he held this post. After all, this is what kept the family together.

Death, however, does not know plans that people have set in place for themselves or their conditions. It just strikes without warning. James Larkin’s father met his end while the former was just 14 years of age. He was young and uneducated. Therefore finding something to maintain the family was going to be difficult for him. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Luckily, the leaders of the firm in which his father worked in had an understanding and decided to bring James Larkin in as a replacement. But he was not skilled at all. He was also young and arrogant. He was thus asked to seek a job elsewhere.

This not only hurt but also angered James Larkin because he believed that experience is something acquired over a period of time. Following his fate, he made a personal vow to fight for the rights of workers, irrespective of their level of experience or skills.

This drive was way over his socialist feelings. He became one among those who matched by NUDL and in time, he was able to start his own union which directly matched his dream which was to have a land of equal rights for all workers. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison and http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml

Unity was most treasured to Larkin, and this was the main aim of his ITGWU. The year 1947 saw his untimely departure from the world of the living.

The Transformation Of America

A Dream For The Future From A Scuffle In The Past

The human spirit is an interesting entity. Our dreams lead us to accomplish great things in society and to uncover truths about life that make the world a better place. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The amazing power of our dreams are also limited. Some cases require that we experience oppression or failure and in order to push us past our own limits and well into a better reality.

This process of inspiration is the same process that both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had to endure and in order to inspire them to create their foundation that’s leading the American society in values and ideals.

The first place we look toward is Arizona. The world is changing rapidly, and the platform of America attracts attention as many desire to enter the country.

Rewriting Your Own History

History is being written in the process as immigrants look for a place within American society and within the communities of this country.

These developments are inevitably creating a wide sense of dissent that’s now being enforced by the media. We’ve all heard about the rhetoric in the news. “Latin Americans are raping everyone and selling drugs.”

Of course, this is a limited view of the people entering America and mimics what many Americans are doing themselves. This is a time in the U.S. society where our innovation and our lifestyles have reached our lowest standards in history. This is why writers like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are rewriting the false narrative that we’ve been told.

Inspiration In The Midst Of Abuse

The inspiration of Jim and Mike have led to the development and creation of the Frontera Fund. The agency works to implement a legal process for and awareness of the immigrant population. We have to avoid the lies and the bad rep that foreigners are given.

The American society began as a nation of immigrants. There’s no one identity who’ve established ours.

The identity we have is also celebrated, and that celebration should be extended to the world according to the values of the Frontera Fund.

The rise in a Latino population makes the focus on the Southern U.S. border a great place to start. Frontera is operating with enough capital and an ideal that the agency’s founders strongly believe in. The future is now in their hands.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


The Racing Career of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a renowned sports enthusiast who has been living in Brazil since he was born. The businessman has a great passion for sport, and he has done very well in this field. In his career, Terpins has managed to win several champions. His success in the challenging sport has made him very popular, especially among the young people. His greatest dream is to win more awards and become a better professional.

In a recent interview with a renowned platform, Rodrigo explained his successful journey to car rallying. According to Rodrigo, he was born and also brought about in a family that loved sports. His father was famous in the country. Jack Terpin had represented the country in many international and local games. His expertise in basketball has brought a lot of pride in Brazil. Being born and brought up by a father who liked playing, motivated Rodrigo to venture into this area. His brother has interest in sports too, and this motivated him to pursue this dream. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The businessman realized that he wanted to venture into car rally driving when he was still young. Rodrigo was always excited to watch the game in the past, and he was looking for a way to venture into the sport after completing his education. With the help of his father and brother, Rodrigo managed to undergo enough training and at the same time play in various competitions. The businessman has also had the opportunity to represent his country in numerous competitions in the international level. In all his races, the successful businessman has done so well, and he has left a great legacy. The sport attracts very few participants in the international level due to the challenges the players experience. Rodrigo’s passion for the sport is believed to be greater than his fears, and this is why he has chosen to represent his country in so many places. Rodrigo has managed to receive support from people in the country, regardless of their age, color or religion because of his numerous accomplishments. The businessman has fans from all over the world. Apart from having a great career in car rallying, Rodrigo has started several businesses. You can follow their Twitter page.

See more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,como-foi-a-participacao-rodrigo-terpins-no-rally-rota-sc,10000094851

Rodrigo Terpins in Rally Racing and Philanthropy

Rodrigo Terpins has been in the field of off-road driving for decades. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rodrigo Terpins is at the age of 44 and still going avidly into races after all these years of piloting. He is on the team of the Bull Sertos rally team where he races in conjunction with his younger brother Michel Terpins.

The sporty nature and the passion for strong experience is something the Terpins brothers inherited from their father. Jack Terpins played basketball in the 60s and the 70s for the team of Hebraica. Ater that, Jack Terpins started working in young athletes welfare. In 1991, Jack Terpins became a sports director.

Rodrigo Terpins has been in a number of competitions over the course of his careers such as the Mitsubishi Cup and the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Most commonly, Rodrigo terpins is racing the category of Prototype T1.

One of the latest races for Rodrigo terpins was in a T-Rex car numbered 326 and developed by MM. Rodrigo terpins had as a navigator Fabricio Bianchini who has had decades of experience in his line of work. Rodrigo Terpins completed the competition of the 22nd edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally in the top five fastest drivers. The race had seven stages which encompassed 2 600 km and went through two states.

Rodrigo Terpins completed the race in two hours and took the third place. His ranking among the 38 competitors was number 8. Seeing that Rodrigo Terpins participated with his brother. the team finished on the 10th position among the other teams.

The Bull Sertoes Rally Team started up in 2016. Both drivers pilot T-Rex cars developed by the MEM Motorsport. The engines are V8, using ethanol. The team is strongly sponsored by businesses such as the Terpins & Cintra Advogados, Ohlins, Motul, Xarla, and the 100% Eventors.

Other than rally driving, Terpins is involved in philanthropy. He has been in several races on behalf of charities, including in 2016. He later led the charity fundraising dinner of the Saude Alegria Sertoes, raising funds to supply communities with medicine an later in the areas where the rally was held. It was a way to give back to the area and its people for their hospitality.

Talk Fusion Online Marketing Tool

Talk Fusion is a convenient and fun way to create online video communications that look professional, whether it’s for business purposes or just for the purpose of sharing special moments with friends and family. Founded by former Deputy Sheriff Bob Reina, this system can help entrepreneurs connect with their customers in a way that will bring about loyalty to their brands, and it will allow them to hold live business meetings that can be viewed by a great number of employees, associates or clients at any time.


Considered to be one of the world’s very first complete video marketing solution for businesses, Talk Fusion offers its users services that include video chat, video email, video newsletters and sign-up forms, and the program is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. It can also be accessed on Android phones, iPhones and iPads using the Fusion On The Go mobile app. On computers, it works well with the Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers.


Since it is a cutting edge business that has gained a lot more popularity over the years, Talk Fusion recently opened up a new office in New Delhi, India. The intent of this venture was to provide training to people in that area who have a desire to take part in the business opportunity that those in the U.S. and other countries have already been taking advantage of for more than a decade now. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOihUBWQy5-3QlEKA7s-4-A


Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, who received a degree from the University of Florida, has over 25 years of network marketing experience, and he shares his professional advice with his followers through motivational speeches and writings that are on platforms such as Facebook Live, the MarTech Advisor, Huffington Post and Talk Fusion Associates Worldwide, and he launched a new online training program in June of last year called Talk Fusion University.


The Talk Fusion company was started in 2007 and is based in Florida. In order to get potential customers started with their video marketing and communications program, they offer a 30-day free trial in which there is no credit card required.