OSI Industries & Its Global Network of Processing Plants

When it comes to food services, processing plants play a key role in a company’s success. OSI Industries is no exception to the rule as this food provider has more than 60 top-of-the-line plants. OSI Industries represent 100 years of food service excellence and at its current rate, the company could be around for another 100 years. Thanks to its more than 60 plants, the company can get the products to the actual client in the shortest amount of time. Its food supply chain is also unmatched by other industry providers. OSI Industries has skyrocketed straight to the top of the ranks. It is now a top 100 company as it brings in billions of dollars on annual basis.

Why is the company unmatched? Well, the answer to this basic question is rather easy because OSI covers a wider array of services. Unlike other food providers that specialize in one or two services, OSI covers everything under the sun, including:

• Management

• Processing

• Sourcing

• Development

• Distribution

The company actually consists of test kitchens,pilot plants and culinary-innovationcenters. One of OSI’s best attributes is that it specializes in the production of custom foods. The R&D specialists here will work directly with the client to produce the best possible product. Image is everything and if a food product doesn’t look appetizing, then no one will buy it. This is the type of work that all clients will receive and there is a host of satisfied clients that will backup all claims. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

OSI Industries has set the benchmark very high, it has broken the mold, and it has effectively changed the status quo for the better.

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Impressionable Facts about Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the former president and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He started his career at the firm in 2008, and he has led it towards the notable successes it has achieved today. During his term in the firm, Louis saw United Technologies Corporation rise into one of the largest technology firms in the world. Despite the huge foreign competition, Chenevert has strived to bring success to the firm by collaborating with other firms as well as his employees and this has seen the firm thrive through the hard economic times.

Additionally, Louis has also acquired a great reputation over the recent years or his ability to employ the use of effective strategies in the operations of the United Technologies firm. He has also shown a great dedication towards solving the various challenges that firm faces through his ability to involve highly experienced personnel in his decision-making process. Louis has over the recent years also strived to bring innovation in the firm, and his major focus has always been the aspect of bringing change in the nature of the jet engines in the aerospace niche. His ability to work with the most experienced aerospace engineers has also contributed to the fame that the firm has acquired and as a result, it has been ranked among the best and most successful aerospace firms in the globe.

Besides, United Technologies has also strived to heed to the advocations of the public, and over the past years, the firm has addressed the matters of environmental compliance. Besides, Louis is also passionate about observing the welfare of his employees, and he pays close attention to the matters they bring up. The firm’s employees are also proud of the great leadership skills that the renowned entrepreneur has showcased since the establishment of the firm. The teamwork exercised by the firm employees has also contributed to the notable successes of the firm and Louis always encourages other investors to ensure that they offer a conducive working environment to their employees for the development of their ventures. Louis is an inspiration to many people, and a vast number of individuals strive to emulate his traits so as to achieve success in their ventures.


A Look At Entrepreneur Mina Ebrahimi

For close to 20 years, Mina Ebrahimi has been the owner of Saint Germain Catering. Ebrahimi works hard to ensure that her customers receive excellent customer service.

Ebrahimi has always had a passion for cooking and serving people. That led Ebrahimi to open Saint Germain Catering. Saint Germain’s originally specialized in making fresh lunches for people while also serving foods at events in the community. After some initial success, Ebrahimi sought to make Saint Germain Catering into a full service catering company that served the community at many different events. Saint Germain Catering has enjoyed a great deal of success because of Ebrahimi’s passion.

Ebrahimi is known for taking a hands on approach, as she runs the kitchen in addition to the day to day operation of Saint Germain Catering. Ebrahimi has been honored with numerous awards, including The Enterprising Woman Of The Year. Ebrahimi attends different conferences because she is always looking for a way to help Saint Germain Catering reach new levels.

At an early age, Ebrahimi started working at her parents bakery. Her experiences there taught Ebrahimi about the importance of providing good customer service. After running a family cafe in Tyson’s Galleria, Ebrahimi knew that she was ready to start her own business. Ebrahimi wanted her catering company to serve weddings, business meetings, and private parties.


Ebrahimi loves animals. She created the Jack-Ebrahimi Program at The University Of Pennsylvania. The program is one of the largest Interventional Radiology Veterinarian Programs in The United States. Ebrahimi also sponsors the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. Some of the profits from Saint Germain Catering have gone towards Cancer Research at The University Of Pennsylvania. Ebrahimi has also donated funds to support Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront assists disabled soldiers as they are transitioning back into society.

Ebrahimi strives to be a role model for girls and young women. Ebrahimi says that she wants to empower other women to become entrepreneurs.



Mr. Todd Lubar has been engaged in some capacity in real estate market for more than 20 years in Maryland. He additionally has considerable experience with the finance and credits, which places him in a significant position to assist those on either side in the equation in their next real estate bargain. As of now, he fills in as President of TDL Ventures and is also set on expanding the organization to greater heights.


He additionally possesses and works with different organizations about real estate, not forgetting a demolition organization. Todd Lubar depends on a solid foundation in sales as one of the best mortgage originators across the country to continue enhancing his primary concern. He has always had a passion for business as well as assisting others in his local area. He is eager in growing his presence in community volunteer as well as a business owner in the Baltimore region.


Baltimore has gained a reputation in the business world over the past few years for supporting and attracting new businesses and top talents from neighboring areas to assist the growth of the companies such as Todd Lubar. The latest housing advancements for the young experts will incorporate amenities than the lifelong city inhabitants are most likely used to. Real estate builders are currently catering to a youthful crowd hoping to have the capacity to play and work in relative proximity. There is a robust urge to keeping the young experts occupied with their city communities through giving easy and quick access to luxury shops and restaurants. Even though these choices are slated to come up with the more current housing options, there are still a lot of reasonable alternatives for the families and determinedly white collar class residents. The assorted variety of housing choices is one of the real reasons that developers are not excessively worried about insights demonstrating a general decrease in the number of lasting residents inside as far as possible.


Todd Lubar works as the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments and also is the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES. He went to the Sidwell Friends School, Washington DC from 1977 to 1987 and then to the Peddie School in Hightstown N.J. He then went to the University of Syracuse, and on his graduation was awarded a B.A. in speech communication in 1995.


Todd Lubar started his first job in Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and his tenure lasted from 1995 to 1999 when he joined the Legacy Financial group situated outside of Arlington Texas. Todd Lubar is credited for assisting in the growth of their office in Maryland to a unit of production of various 100 million dollars per year in total. For many years he was ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the country.


What You Should Know About Whitney Wolfe

American entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently, she is a residence of Austin, Texas. She went to Southern Methodist University where she studied International Studies. Despite her entrepreneurial role success, she still found love. Michael Herd an oils and gas investor, as well as a restaurateur, was the love to be for Whitney Wolfe.

Whitney started of business at an early age even at the age of 19 while she was at college where she ventured in the bamboo tote bags business where she helped many people that were affected by the BP oil disaster. While in Paris, where she was studying for two semesters she met with stylist celebrity by the name of Patrick Aufdenkamp and together they made the designs of tote bags for the disaster project.

The totes created the necessary attention where the celebrities like Rachael Zoe, Nicole Ritchie, and Kate Bosworth were spotted carrying them by the press. After her graduation, Whitney Wolfe at the age of 22 became a member of Hatch Labs. From the hatch labs, she also had a chance to involve herself with Cardify, but the project was not successful.

Though the project did not succeed, she later joined the tinder-dating app where she created a significant impact to make the app the best in the country where it gained billions in the valuations. With Andreev contributing the funding together with her experience of the dating app they, bumble was created. Whitney Wolfe through her determination to create an app that would make women feel safe and comfortable she designed the app.

With her inspiration, women would have a chance to initiate the talk without even having to wait for men to do it. From the debut of the bumble dating app from 2014 December, it started from the 100,000 downloads in a month grew to 15 million and by 2018 it has reached 30 million registered people.

Whitney Wolfe has won many awards and the plaudits from the bumble dating app where the business insider named her as the most important woman under the age of 30 by 2014 in tech. By Forbes magazine, she got two awards in 2017 and 2018 as a member for fewer than 30 and was named by Time as one of the most influential 100 persons of 2018. Whitney is said to be one of the best entrepreneurs, marketer and the CEOs in the world today.

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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex healthcare is an organization running more than 20 facilities ready to welcome seniors. The healthcare based in the UK began in the year 1985. At Sussex, we want all seniors to enjoy their end years as though they will live forever. We provide adorable medical care and delicious meals every day. Many people entrust us to take care of their loved ones. At Sussex, we offer services to every patient no matter the age or their health condition. Our workers have skills in taking care of the clients emotionally as well as physically. Our employees demonstrate an exceptional level of understanding to our patients. We know that each patient requires personal attention. Thus, every patient gets proper time assigned for individual attention.

Sussex Healthcare is a known independent facility with high standards in providing services to the patients. We use high standards of technology to change the lives of many senior people many of whom have life-challenging situations. Also, we take care of young people with learning disabilities, autism, neurological condition, and people suffering from brain injuries. At Sussex Healthcare, we purposed to create an atmosphere of leisure and recreational activities. We look forward to providing a comfortable life to our patients at all the time. We change the perspective that having a good experience is just living with lack of illness in your body.

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Through various activities, we provide physical and emotional stimulation. The exercises are fun and attractive, and they have a sense of healing that encourages one to live an appropriate life. The primary role of the Sussex Healthcare facility is to make sure each patient smiles throughout their life with no physical or mental pain. We conduct activities that can heal various conditions such as depression, insomnia, mental illness, and multiple types of cancer. We demonstrate a community with a healing environment where one patient work toward the healing of the other patient. We provide a society with the atmosphere of positivism and encouragement.

At Sussex Healthcare, we offer various other services such as day-care, sensory rooms, respite care, a specialist gymnasium, hydrotherapy pools, physiotherapy, and holistic therapy. A dedicated team of staffs attends in-house training from time to time as part of the organization strategic approach to proper services. Our facilities receive higher ratings as the most appropriate healthcare providers. We change lives of many, and we are ready to put many lives back to the track in future.

Continues to Thrive

NexBank Continues to Thrive

There is a great power vested in togetherness. If people come together with the aim of advancing a particular goal, they can get external help from various organizations. This is a secret that has been learned by women leaders in Dallas. They aim at changing the economic and social lives of women and girls. Their pure intentions have not gone unnoticed. NexBank, a renowned bank whose head offices are in Dallas has noted the right plans of the foundation. Every year, the Dallas Women Foundation convenes an annual luncheon. NexBank proudly sponsored the 32nd meeting that took place in October last year (2017). NexBank gave the organization a total of $100,000.

The said meeting saw at least 1,300 leaders hailing from various community, business and civic institutions attending. One of the persons that spoke during the luncheon was Dr. Hope Jahren. All that he spoke was listened to in more than 20 schools. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is the largest women fund group in the United States.

NexBank has been offering financial support to institutions for quite some time now. Its clients are guaranteed of the provision of institutional services, commercial banking as well as mortgage banking. The customers also get to enjoy both financial and investment services that are specially made for each client. The clientele base of the bank varies from corporations to individuals. It is worth noting that NexBank is a proud member of the FDIC.

Among the many reasons that NexBank has been doing so well is the fact that it has a team that genuinely cares for its clients and understands that each client has different needs and such ought to be treated kindly. As days go by, the value of property is increasing tremendously. In light of this, NexBank has been enhancing the value of this property. The goals, vision, and mission of NexBank are easily achieved because the company has a way of understanding the intent of each and every client. NexBank is not interested in having a short-term relationship with its clients. It prefers having a long-term relationship with its clients.

Why Madison Street Capital Is Still Influential In the Corporate Finance Industry

Being a reputable company especially in the investment banking is not always easy. Many companies start up well and even command a wider customer base but they eventually make their base shaky once they compromise their reputation. One thing to know is that earning a good reputation may be easy but maintaining it would require more than you think. Any company commanding a higher level of reputation in the business world must maintain a higher level of integrity. This is what Madison Street Capital has done. The kind of reputation this company has in the investment banking is extraordinary. It has managed to expertly meet the middle market needs through its exceptional management system and experience level.


The main offices of Madison Street Capital are based in Chicago where most of its international operations take place. Anytime a company becomes international, it locates its main offices in one of the main cities in the country. Corporate finance is known to have various intricacies when it comes to investment banking. When an investment firm comes with the right solutions to such problems, it becomes easier to earn an influential name. This firm doesn’t only ensure that the sellers and buyers match, but also in designing effective exit strategies. The company is also reputable in structuring extensive contracts in the investment banking field.


Madison Street Capital specializes in various areas and this is what has made it what it has become today. Anyone in need of tax compliance services and bankruptcy services would get affordable help from this firm. The company is known to offer great private placement advice and help others businesses in the area of corporate governance. The firm’s track record on acquisitions and mergers is quite extensive. Bond Media Group and Fiber Science, as well as, Central Iowa Energy are some of the reliable customers Madison Street Capital has today. The firm has managed to give corporate finance issues a global approach through its other offices based in India, Ghana, and also in Oregon.


It is known that HeartSync would not have realized the significant growth it realized if Madison Street Capital didn’t advise it. The firm has helped HeartSync to improve the quality of its cardiac resuscitation products through enhanced designs. The trade and industry organizations have continued to award the employees in Madison Street Capital because of their unmatched services. It is one of the investment banking firms that is greatly committed to community welfare, other firms and also to innovation. The firm has ensured that the local business networks and relationships in Africa, Asia, and North America have adopted the same global view. The firm ensures that the recommendations they give their clients are precise and the analysis it offers is meticulous.

Jeremy Goldstein Believes Knockout Options Will Benefit Employees And Corporations

When it comes to the corporate world, stock options have been a huge part of the incentive market and arguably a problematic part. When it comes to stocks, just like investing, it can be a gamble. Holding compensations in the form of stocks can be that employees lose large portions of their money if a companies stock value drops. What’s even worse is that in a good scenario where a company stock value increases, they are giving more and more money away to their employees. Most small companies are unable to cope with this kind of pricey incentive. Jeremy Goldstein is the leading compensation expert that has come in to provide solutions for this decade-old problem in the form of a Knockout option.


Jeremy Goldstein has written about the knockout option at various online sources where he discusses what these knockout options are and how they will be translated into more security and higher salaries. The knockout option for corporations is just like that of a stock option, but it protects the buyer, in this instance the company. Knockout options are good for employees because it protects their incentives. One of the biggest demanding factors for these knockout plans is that it would allow both small and large companies to offer their employees insurance and protection in their compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working in compensation law for decades and is a leading authority in the area. Over the years he has worked with thousands of clients through his firm, Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates, to help them in legal pursuits. Jeremy’s firm also offers advisement services to their clients to help in financial security and business management. Though there are many benefits to this proposed knockout option Jeremy discusses, he is also aware of the potential side effects that come with it. Should a CEO or executive of a company choose, they could manipulate their own market to gain money and undermind their employees. Though this is not something Jeremy Goldstein thinks will be cause for concern in practical terms as it would be devasting to a company if they were accused and caught. Learn more: http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/

Securus Technologies Enhances Drone Detection Technology

Securus Technologies said that it is now running its trial test for its drone detection system program. The drone detection system was implemented due to reports given by officials from correctional facilities that drones have been transporting contraband items into the facilities.


Evidence was found linking drones as a means of transport to bring in unlawful materials like drugs, cell phones, and weapons into prisons, and Securus Technologies a company specializing in prison technology was requested to create a system that would sense a drone presence within the vicinity of jails and prisons.


Securus Technologies labored over the task with its technology partners who are experts in the field for more than 18 months to ensure that the correct engineering capacities are incorporated into the system’s efficient installation and implementation. Representatives from Securus and jail management officials are both resolute to find the best means to put a stop to the drone problem.


A spokesman from Securus opined that the program for drone detections is a new one that would necessitate trials to make it impeccable. In addition to this, more resources and investment are currently being incorporated into the program to enhance the said technology further.


The drone detection equipment has a pre-installed antenna that is similar to the Wireless Containment System Securus made earlier the latter of which is to prevent unlawful calls made by prisoners inside the prisons.


The recognition of drone presence and its deterrence in entering the penal compounds is essential for the safety of all the people inside the correctional facilities, officials and inmates included.


In the recent Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service, Securus Technologies won three awards to wit: the Gold was awarded to the Corporate Escalations Team (Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year); the Silver was given to Zelperita Jackson (Customer Service Manager – Customer Service Professional of the Year); and the Bronze was taken by the Video Visitation Team (Font-Line Customer Service Team of the Year).


The Stevie Awards for the Sales and Customer Service category are bestowed on corporations around the world who made it to the top of their respective customer services. And Securus Technologies garnered the recognition in the three groups – gold, silver and bronze. This substantiates that Securus is providing quality customer service in its pursuit to excel in the prison-technology industry.


Securus Technologies was organized in 1986, and it pioneered the Wireless Containment Solution that detected and blocked illegal calls made by inmates from prison, and have shown impressive results by hindering 1.7 million calls made by prisoners as of November 2017.


Securus Technologies deserved to win the 2018 Stevie Awards since it has proven its capability in delivering up to what is expected from the company through innovative technology that makes communities a safer haven.