Washing without Suds

Wen Haircare is a unique haircare product that cleanses your hair without stripping your hair if it’s natural oils. We tend to think that the sulfates that cause your shampoo to lather is a sign of deep cleaning. In reality, that lather is stripping the color, natural oils, bounce and silkiness from your hair. The natural oils in your hair is what makes hair shiny and bouncy and protects it from outside elements. By using a cleanser that cleans without stripping, you are keeping your natural oils to ensure your hair will have shine and bounce.

Wen Haircare will replace many items you are probably buying to take care of your hair. You shampooo to clean, then condition to put the moistures back followed by a deep conditioner to try to keep your hair healthy. WenHaircare.com products replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and even you’re leaving in conditioner. One product does all the things you want your hair care products to do without taking up all the space in your bathroom and cabinets.

Simply wet hair, saturate with Wen and comb through. Leave Wen on for several minutes and rinse. You are bound to fall in love with at least one of the many flavors to choose from.

Choose Wen to make your morning routine easier. Everyone wants the hair of the movie stars that flows and bounce with the turn of the head, Wen allows us all to achieve beautiful hair. Wen products are available online on retailmenot.com.


Check out the WEN company profile on inc.com and on Crunchbase.

Meet Flavio Maluf – The President of Eucatex

Eucatex is a very prominent company for its innovativeness in using unique materials to manufacture their high-quality products. Eucalyptus, a unique type of wood is one of their primary source of materials. The company makes different types of paints. Their products are usually home products. However, they also make industrial products. Eucatex is over 50 years old. Apart from Brazil, they usually export their products to various countries in the United States. All of their products are environmentally friendly. The company is currently headed of Flavio Maluf. Flavio is a prominent businessman in Brazil. He hails from a political dynasty. His father, Paulo Maluf used to be a great politician and an incredible businessman in Brazil. Visit their website flaviomalufoficial.com to learn more.

Flavio Maluf has significantly contributed towards the growth and development of the company. He has achieved all this while still ensuring that Eucatex is an eco-friendly company. It was rare for the companies to put the health of the environment into consideration in the times when the company was founded. It was launched in 1951, and there were few industrial environmental regulations. However, Eucatex was quite aware of the ability of industries to spoil and damage the environment. Besides, they actively implemented various steps to help reduce the rate of environmental damage. They ensured that all of their products uphold the environmental safety and prevent environmental damage at all cost. Eucatex was and is still fully capable of juggling to keep their products eco-friendly while still making high profits.

As the president and the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has managed to be extremely skilled at operating the business. He has earned vast experience in the world of business right from his SlideShare Presentation. This has significantly contributed towards his success and uniqueness in running this company. Flavio also had an incredible education background that has also played a great deal in his successful business career. He pursued his education at FAAP which is one of the prestigious Universities in Sao Paulo. This distinct education gave him an avid advantage when he ventured into the business world. He has been an outstanding and highly successful president of Eucatex and Grandfood.

Learn more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,conheca-com-flavio-maluf-os-profissionais-mais-requisitados-pelas-startups-em-tempos-atuais,70001683019


UAE Serial Entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1956 in Dubai. As a child, he was very hardworking and excelled both in class and extracurricular activities. Hussain won a government scholarship to the University of Washington where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics.

After graduation, Hussain secured a job with GASCO. GASCO is a natural gas company that operates under the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Hussain showed interest in real estate and catering. He remained steadfast in pushing for progress, and this enabled him to start a small catering venture. Sajwani managed to pool his resources to set up an international investment. The company began attracting many customers including Bechtel (a US construction company) and the US military.

The global Logistics Services took shape. This was Hussain major venture. The company sells meals to US forces in various places such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Qatar. Moreover, the company developed small hotels all over the Africa and Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner who has gradually progressed in investing in real estate through acquiring land in underdeveloped countries. After some time these underdeveloped neighborhoods grew, attracting expatriates from India and UK. This growth led to the rise of DAMAC properties. DAMAC properties is a property development and sale company.

Hussain Sajwani is a relentless and creative entrepreneur. He has partnered with major brands like Versace and Ferrari. DAMAC owner has transformed his products by going deeper into the luxury businesses Standards. The company boasts a market capitalization more than $4.5 Billion and majorly operates in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UK. In addition to that, the company developed a portfolio for more than 44000 units, and has delivered an excess of 20230 units to its customers.

Hussain has also developed a block called DICO investments Co LLC. DICO is a company that provides excess to the equity market. Apart from business, Hussain has been involved in charity work. In 2017, DAMAC owner sponsored the one Million Arab Coders Initiative. He has also donated 72000 to a charity campaign “Yemen We Care, “which is an intervention to provide primary healthcare and Education.

Chris Burch Preserves Nihi Sumba Island


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At Nihi on the Spa Safari. A view that takes your breath away. I love my resort and the people of this island. #Nihi #Sumba

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Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a New York based private investment company. With his forward thinking behind the company he has merged business relationships with big names and brands such as Ellen DeGeneres, Philippe Stark and Alan Faena.

Burch gives credit to understanding consumer behavior. Burch couples his success with his experience in finance. This dynamic makes him a success at being at the top of the list of great entrepreneurs.

The portfolio speaks volumes as Burch Creative Capital has recently expanded to include introductions of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu) and TRADEMARK.

Becoming an entrepreneur began in 1976 at Ithaca College. Burch and his brother, Bob, invested $2,000 to start Eagle’s Eye Apparel. They expanded the business, then sold it for $60 million to Swire Group, a great and fine leap in to the business world.

As of 2012, properties now include Nihi Sumba Island and Nihi Hotels. This is a joint venture with James McBride. The island and hotel remain in harmony with its surrounding and the Sumbanese people. In 2016 and 2017 Nihi was voted as the #1 Hotel in the World by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine for its World’s Best Awards.

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Guilherme Paulus: A Brazilian Hotelier Who Is Doing What He Loves For A Living

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian entrepreneur who co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora and also founded GJP Hotels and Resorts. As a hotelier, he is considered one of the top businessmen in Brazil, and he is currently in charge of more than 20 resorts and hotels. His company employs more than 5,000 individuals, and his hotels have served thousands upon thousands of people over the years.

In a recent interview at interview.net, Guilherme Paulus admitted that he didn’t come up with the idea for CVC but that it was the idea of his business partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. They both came to a deal where Paulus would do a lot of the work for the company while Cerchiari would foot the money for the idea. After working together for 4 years, Cerchiari decided to move on, and this left Paulus as the man in charge of CVC.

Guilherme Paulus feels that his optimism makes him a much more productive entrepreneur. He also likes to lay out his weekly schedule each week before his work begins and feels this has made him a very organized person. The hotelier loves modern technology and uses it to better understand the needs of the customers his companies serve, and he also uses it to spot trends.

Guilherme Paulus is a hands-on kind of leader who enjoys traveling to his hotels to see how they are doing. He has found that interacting with his customers and employees has gone a long way in improving his businesses and is happy that he loves what he does for a living. Paulus has always focused on multiple markets during his time as a businessman and has made sure that he continues to focus on domestic tourism while keeping international tourism in mind.

Guilherme Paulus believes that best way to spend money is to invest it in something and has built plenty of his own wealth this way. As an entrepreneur, he dreams of being successful in multiple industries, and one of these is the golf sector in Brazil. He would love to make the sport more popular in his home country and also hopes to encourage more Brazilians to visit boutique hotels.

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Rebel Wilson: Portraying a Different Character for a New Romantic Comedy Movie

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema will be releasing a whole new rom-com fantasy movie next year. “Isn’t It Romantic,” a movie directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, will be released on Valentine’s Day. In the United States, Warner Bros. gained the rights to distribute the movie, while the United Kingdom had Netflix releasing the film next year. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/10/pitch-perfect-4-rebel-wilson and https://www.broadway.com/buzz/194108/rebel-wilson-to-play-jennyanydots-in-cats-film/

The writers who drafted the story for the film stated that they wanted to put a new twist on the rom-com genre, and they thought that adding a fantasy element to the movie would make it more appealing. The director also chose Rebel Wilson to play Natalie, the protagonist in the movie, because of her skill in being a comedic actor and her lovable character.

Rebel Wilson has been doing rom-com since she started her career in Hollywood, most notably “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” “How to be Single,” and “A Few Best Men.” However, she became more popular after she portrayed the character of Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect movie series. This time, Rebel Wilson promises a whole new story for her fans, stating that “Isn’t It Romantic” would not be their typical rom-com movie.

The film also stars Liam Hemsworth, who plays an Australian client named Blake; Adam DeVine, who plays the character of Josh, one of Natalie’s best friend; and Priyanka Chopra, who plays as a yoga instructor who would later develop feelings for Josh. Betty Gilpin, Brandon Scott Jones, Tom Ellis, and Jennifer Saunders will also be appearing in the film taking up supporting roles. Read more:  Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

The first trailer for the film was released on November 1, 2018. According to the trailer, Natalie was a hopeless romantic who grew up tired seeing other people’s relationship succeed. Rebel Wilson was a fan of rom-com movies when she was younger, but her attitude towards romance grew bitter as she learned about the harsh reality of life.

Despite her bitter feeling towards romance, she is still longing to find her true love, and she keeps on searching for them through blind dates, mobile apps, and social media. One day, she decided to meet up with a guy on the subway, who turned out to be a robber. Natalie hit a metal beam as she runs away from the robber, and she fainted. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

She wakes up in a different world – one that she recognizes, but she felt like a stranger. Her friends and family are still around, but she noticed several changes, especially to her lifestyle and her wealth. She later realizes that she is living in an alternate reality, where-in rom-com elements have taken over and everywhere she goes, people are showing their affection towards their partner.

Wilson later meets up a guy named Blake, who would eventually become their love interest in the film. The director of “Isn’t It Romantic” promises the public that they will love the characters in the film, and the story will leave them satisfied with how the story unfolds. Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema invite everyone to bring their loved one to the movies and watch the newest rom-com offering from the studio.

GreenSky Bluegrass Announces Vinyl Pressing Of Classic Album

GreenSky Bluegrass has some huge things in the works for the rest of 2018 and the start of 2019. Recently, they announced that their 2006 album Tuesday Letter will be released for the first time ever on 180G vinyl. You’ll be able to order the album at their online store for preorder on November 23. Their shows keep selling out as they travel around the United States promoting their upcoming album All For Money. One of the most recent sold-out shows took place on Friday and Saturday the weekend after Thanksgiving at Kalamazoo State in Michigan.

In 2000, GreenSky Bluegrass was founded in the very city that they recently sold out twice in. They originally formed the band with just 3 members before later growing to include 5. While their name may have the word “bluegrass” in it, they are far from your stereotypical bluegrass band. Their music certainly has the same feeling like the genre but with other sounds like rock and stringband. Everything about the band has evolved since they were first formed including their stage show. What started off as a simple show now includes a light show and other special effects.

Their newest album All For Money is scheduled for release on January 18, 2019, but can be preordered now. They will also be starting a winter tour at the start of 2019 on January 10 in Albany, New York. The tour will continue until their last show in Detroit, Michigan on February 9. Some of the other bands featured on the upcoming GreenSky Bluegrass tour will include the Cris Jacobs Band, Circles Around The Sun, and Billy Strings. More musicians are expected to be announced as the tour dates approach.

The band now consists of Dave Bruzza on guitar, Paul Hoffman on Mandolin, Michael Arlen Bont on banjo, Michael Devol on bass, and Anders Beck on Dobro. Greensky Bluegrass appeared on the main stage of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 2007 after being named the winners of their 2006 band competition. It was after this that they recorded Tuesday Letter which will soon be available on vinyl.


Dick and Betsy DeVos: Leaders Of Grand Rapids

Dick and Betsy DeVos continue to be the leaders that West Michigan needs. As every good leader knows, they have the realization that it is important to learn from history. Next to Gerald Ford and his wife Betty Ford, Dick and Betsy are perhaps the most well-known residents of Grand Rapids. In the early 90’s, they were made aware of a plan to build a multi-purpose sports and convention arena in one of the Grand Rapids suburbs. The DeVoses were against the idea simply because they had seen the economic downturn that neighboring Detroit had taken when the Lions and the Pistons had left for the suburbs in the 1970’s. Indeed, they both realized that it was the beginning of the end for that city. Did they want the same thing to happen to their beloved Grand Rapids? In a word, no, so Dick immediately began lobbying against the idea. Because of his pull, the powers that be ultimately decided against the idea, but the DeVoses did not stop there.


The DeVoses’ campaign against a sports facility being added above of the main Grand Rapids area would ultimately lead to the founding of a utilitennis box tennis called the Grand Actions, which is a great of individuals who know they wanted the Grand Rapids area to continue to improve. This grown was led was by Dick DeVos and has lead such important steps over the years such as the founding of the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center, the formation of the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Performance Center and the medical school affiliated with Michigan State University.


By establishing these landmarks, the DeVos family has went above and beyond the call in demonstrating they are not just about money. Anyone can collect an inheritance, but Dick and Betsy DeVos realize that the best way to change a community is through philanthropy. This couple realizes that they can change the trajectory of a Michigan city as long as they are strategic with their monetary endowments. Dick and Betsy DeVos have always realize that the slogan “with much power comes much responsibility” rings true. This is why they are so dedicated to changing their local world through philanthropy, and this is why many recognize them as the leaders of the Grand Rapids area.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

Peter Briger; The Pillar Holding Fortress Investment Group Together

Peter Briger is a bigwig, especially when it comes to the business world. The American based investor has a special reputation in the market because of his role in Fortress Investment Group. The Forbes platform recognized him for being one of the top entrepreneurs in the global market who have managed to earn so much wealth in the recent years. The businessman had a normal upbringing, and he had the same opportunities like all the young people living in America. However, when he got a chance to study finance at the university, the businessman set himself apart from the rest by getting very good grades.

The finance and investment market can be considered to be a complicated area, judging by the kind of competition that has been presenting itself in the recent years. Without the right commitment and dedication, most professionals struggle a lot, and they end up abandoning their careers. For Peter Briger, his career life has been quite eventful, getting many recognitions because of his achievements and at the same time making a huge impact in the lives of many people who are in search of financial services.

After completing his university studies, Peter Briger joined the market, and he was hopeful, like all the young professionals, that he was going to make a change in the market that would be recognized. Fortunately, the businessman made his career life successful, and he worked for various companies in the United States. His star started to shine even better when he joined several other executives to start a private equity company that would be based in the US. The company was brought into the New York City resident lives in the year 1998, and since then, it has grown to become a global firm. Fortress Investment Group has impressed customers and made things even better for the consumers who love great services.

Peter Briger might be a popular financial figure because of his achievements. However, few people know that the businessman loves to give out his resources and time to the needy members living in the world. In the past, the businessman has donated a significant amount of money to several causes in the society.

Original source : https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterbriger

Cloudwick And The Amazing Potential Of AI In The Near Future

Every year, our nation’s tech sector continues to evolve and grow. In the near future, it is only natural that machine learning will continue to fascinate the members of this industry. Encompassing artificial intelligence and related fields, machine learning is a topic of great interest to the public and to government officials. Despite the sensationalistic depictions of artificial intelligence (AI) in popular media, AI is a benign technology that has the potential to greatly improve our national economy.

As noted by a variety of industry commentators, Cloudwick machine learning experts are among the most talented in their field. Cloudwick (CW) has put together an outstanding team to create machine learning solutions that are accessible for enterprises both large and small. Arguably, CW’s products have democratized machine learning tools in an unprecedented way. Cloudwick has proven many times over that machine learning can be used in a way that is innovative yet deeply grounded in sensible business practices. As Cloudwick has popularized “Big Data as a service,” this organization has also leveraged the concept of the data lake (DL). A DL is an enclosed virtual environment where telemetry data can be stored in an impressively versatile manner.

CW has a huge amount of influence in modern cybersecurity. Far from just focusing on for-profit applications, CW provides a variety of machine learning (ML) tools that are useful for data scientists and AI researchers. Inasmuch as companies like CW advance the state of human knowledge of ML, these companies are engaged in activities that benefit the entire public.

Cybersecurity news services have reported that CW is currently the leading company involved in propagating the DL model of information management. In addition to ML, CW is involved in predictive analytic services. Industry analyst Gartner has reported that AI may create as many as 2.3 million jobs between 2018 and 2022. ML engineers are forecasted to benefit the most from the increased demand in AI. Positions for ML engineers should increase by about 166 percent in the next four years. If the past is any guide, CW will continue to employ many of the most skilled, marketable ML engineers in the tech sector.